How to Make The Most of The Festivities.

It’s that time of year again. Halloween, Bonfire night, Christmas and NYE keep us busy, social and drunk but there’s no denying this can be the most depressing time of the year.

Constant events and gatherings plus present-buying means we never have money. The dark mornings make getting out of bed very unappealing and the early nights make us miss the majority of the daylight. The cold weather brings with it coughing, sneezing and dry skin. And yet the pressure on us all to be having a great time is real.

But here are our five top tips to not let the holidays get to you:

1) Don’t put pressure on yourself to spend lots of money.

If you can, get a scrapbook off Etsy, and enjoy putting pictures and memories together for a truly unforgettable present. Don’t buy Pop! figures and other sci-fi/fantasy merch from big chain stores, go on Ebay and get them for a much better price. Recycle decorations and fancy dress (this applies for both Halloween and Christmas). A quick Google search of restaurant deals near you will find you offers and vouchers to make a foody night out half the price.

2) Prioritise your health

It’s almost impossible to avoid the dreaded Winter flu, but keeping yourself healthy where you can will certainly help to keep your immune system fighting strong. The NHS advises eating more fruit and veg where you can, getting a good night’s sleep as often as possible and having a hearty breakfast such as porridge. To read more about staying healthy during the colder months, click here.

3) Stay warm.

It seems obvious, right? No one enjoys being cold, but swapping your leather jacket for a big winter coat as soon as the temperature hits single figures will help you feel much more comfortable during the freezing mornings. Bag yourself a winter coat for under £100 that’ll last you numerous winters – you can still be a fashionista without buying a new coat every year.

4) Don’t neglect self care

Don’t forget to look after YOU. Present-buying, work Christmas events, family meet-ups, it all adds up. Suddenly you look back at the month and realise you haven’t spent a single day doing what YOU want to do. It’s hard to say no to family and friends but sometimes you have to think about yourself. If you need to spend a Sunday in bed with hot chocolate and Netflix, do it. You’ll thank yourself after. And if Uncle Jack has a go, blame it on the flu. Psychology Today talks about the importance and advantages of spending time by yourself.

5) Spend cosy nights in!

It’s easy to forget that this time of year has some great benefits. Spending a night in watching a film with a dressing gown, slippers, chocolate and your pet just isn’t the same when it’s 23 degrees and sunny out. Let’s be honest, wearing big jumpers makes the day so much more comfortable. And cold Autumn walks in the sun are made that bit more appealing when you’re surrounded by the beautiful orange, red and brown colours.

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