The A Is Not For Asexual and “Allies” – Aromantics Exist Too

The erasure of aromantics cannot continue

The LGBT news outlet, Pink News, has given a run down of the larger LGBT acronym to try to be more inclusive – but they ignored queer people by recognising allies over aromantics.

Let’s make one point absolutely clear – allocishet people are not queer even if they are allies. Allies do not experience oppression based upon their sexuality, romanticism or for being cisgender. They have no place within any queer acronym. We set the bar appallingly low if we start recognising people who treat queer people with respect as queer. It erases any sense of community. Yes, the queer community needs allies but allies should not be co-opting the queer movement.

Pink News had no right to be spelling out definitions of who belongs in the queer community if they couldn’t even do basic research. Aromantics exist. There are online groups where aromantics connect. The term “aromanticism” may be new and misunderstood by many, but major outlets such as The Guardian have even looked at aromantic identities. If mainstream organisations can do that then why can’t Pink News?

It was a mistake brought about by complacency but the consequences can be devastating. LGBT organisations are looked to as authority voices on any queer issues, and so when they act as though aromantics don’t exist, they’re enforcing erasure and telling the world that aromantics don’t deserve respect or recognition.  These same organisations would never erased gay people, and yet they comfortably perpetuate erasure for other queer identities.

There is also an element of competition for recognition within the queer community, as marginalised people try to do everything they can to avoid being thrown under the bus. Asexuals and aromantics are being forced to compete for any scraps of attention they’re thrown. There shouldn’t be squabbling over who gets recognised behind the ‘A’. The emphasis should be on allo people within the queer community to include all ace and aro people.

Aromantics deserve better, and Pink News should deliver better if it wants to stray onto queer issues. A huge reason why so many organisations now are choosing to use “queer” is because it is an inclusive term. The acronym regularly derives derision because so often intersex, aromantic, pansexual, panromantic and asexual people get missed off or reduced to an insulting plus sign as though they are nothing more than people trying to tag onto the fight for gay rights.

Allocishets are not queer. Aromantics are queer. If you want to write a list of labels, then actually learn them first.

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