The Top 10 Reasons The Sims is So Much Better Than Real Life

The Sims was the game that offered us a world we all wanted to live in.

We’ve all played it, or if not, watched someone we know play it. It’s the game that took the Millennial Gen by storm. Create as many characters as you like from scratch, design a house from scratch (or if you’re too lazy, pick one already made), and turn them into whatever you want. The beauty of the game was that you could live a virtual life in a much better world than the real one.

Jobs are easy to find 

Just pick up the newspaper, choose your job of choice and you start the next morning. Need more money? Read a book, don’t be in a bad mood and you’ll get a promotion. Simple.

Don’t like someone? Kill them 

Your Sims partner is getting just a little too obsessed, and a better Sim has come along. Don’t worry, just put them in the pool and take out the stairs! Easy.

Woohoo with whoever you like 

Whether your Sim is a woman or a man, they can kiss, woohoo, marry and fall in love with whomever. Sexuality basically has no rules – nor should it. The same applies for ethnicity, body image, basically the only thing that’ll stop your sim woohoo-ing with someone is if their personalities don’t match. That’s the dream.

Zero judgment 

As well as being sexual with whoever you like, there’s zero judgment (although a polyamorous option would be nice). Well, unless your sim caught another sim making out with your husband, and I think that’s fairly understandable. Your sim can wear what they want, be slim, muscly or plus-size, have whatever career they like and not a single seed of judgment from any of the neighbours. If only.


You can cheat yourself through real life if you’re born into a rich, white family. But on Sims, anyone can cheat. Just a quick Google and you’ll find the cheat code you’re after. Cheating isn’t immoral if it’s on Sims, right?

Never feeling tired 

As long as your Sims energy bar is fully green, you’ll wake up at 5am feeling fresh and ready for the day ahead. You don’t even need coffee! What is this?!

Great working hours 

Five days a week 9am-2pm. Four days a week 7am-1pm. Not only do Sims have the perfect working hours, but it gives them time to do things they actually want to do and de-stress. In the UK, we work far too much and don’t have nearly enough time to play. Bring in four-day weeks!

Clothes are free 

Fancy a new outfit? Go into your Sims wardrobe and it’s full of loads of clothes that you never have to pay for. If you want more, you have to buy them with real life money which kinda sucks. But it’s nice to have a full wardrobe at all times. Options.

Adopting is easy peasy 

Is your sim in a same-sex couple? Or perhaps you just don’t fancy going through pregnancy with her? Ring up the adoption agency and that afternoon, a baby is dropped off at your door. No having to prove why you’re worthy. No forms to fill in. Just a phone call and a baby.

Ghosts stick around 

Ok, so your Sim might sometimes get freaked out when an old family member wanders around the garden in the form of a ghost. But it’s pretty cool that your Sims never properly die, they stick around even after passing. At least we know what happens after death in Sim world.

3 thoughts on “The Top 10 Reasons The Sims is So Much Better Than Real Life

  1. With custom content, even the smaller snags could be erased, The Sims series has also always been relatively easy to modify and (especially in The Sims 2 era) the creators downright encouraged such creativity.

    Don’t like how not every job type is available in the newspaper? Download a jobs noticeboard mod and go straight into any type of work you have installed. Some mods even allow you to go to the level you want – realistic if simulating a priviledged individual, or one in a career track that is more linear than the real world, except of course every Sim can access it.

    Want to do a job that doesn’t come with the game? Download the job you want, or use the instructions on the web and a free program to make your own.

    Don’t want set hours but do want money (or need a side job)? Become a great painter or novelist – all you need is time, practise and to take care of your own needs. Sims 2 had even more options for “casual work”, that made never getting a formal job a viable choice, and also allowed self-employment.

    Sims 2 also had mods allowing the relationship to be directly modified, tags that prevented a Sim from ever being seen unless they were being played and even more ways to kill Sims, giving endless choice in how to end or change a toxic relationship. There’s even a downloadable no-jealousy potion, so you can have that polyamorous relationship if you like without affecting anyone else’s jealousy (or just use the no-jealousy mod if you want everyone to be like that).

    Want more clothes? Download them, or make your own. The latter is especially straightforward if you just want to recolour something in the correct shape, as the game creators even made a tool specifically for that job (Bodyshop) that shipped with the game.

    The world that came with The Sims was great. The world that was possible with an internet connection and some free websites was even better. Or should I say “is” – some sites for creating Sims 2-4 content in particular are still lively, creating lots of new content and even occasionally pushing boundaries. Example: someone discovered about three months ago how to make asymmetric faces. Now Sims can look more realistic – and there’s still zero judgement in the neighbourhood, even if your creation would suffer from constant stares outside their computer.


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