Dogs Aren’t Christmas Presents

Dogs deserve better than dickhead humans.

Dogs are pure. Dogs are perfect. Dogs bring joy. Humans though are trash. Last year, a record number of dogs were abandoned around Christmas. The myth that this is a nation of dog lovers has completely died.

It’s thought that the contributing factors were the novelty of getting a dog for Christmas, the prominence of accounts dedicated to dogs on social media and celebrities who show off their dogs. Humans have proven how selfish they are. The first consideration should be the animal, not what looks good on social media or what your fave is doing.

Dogs are damn hard work. They need grooming, feeding and walking regularly. There’re also huge expenses such as high quality food, different brushes and care items, vet bills etc. If the commitment isn’t there then don’t get a dog. It’s not just about doing it for a week. Dogs can live over a decade. The demand for dogs drives breeding, so when people buy dogs and then abandon them, yet more are still being bred only to end up the same way. We’re not looking after animals, we’re causing animal homelessness to boom.

“Dogs are damn hard work”

Getting a pet, especially a dog, has even been recommended for coping with mental health. It’s true that dogs are fantastic with this but it should also be recommended to have a support network around you so that on a bad day when leaving the house is impossible, someone else can still give the dog a walk (if needed). Dogs are such beautiful animals that they can lead to major breakthroughs for humans. There are stories of dogs being taken into care-homes and bringing joy to residents. Dogs are truly our best friends but so often the general population treat dogs awfully.

We’re always quick to give money to animal organisations in the UK. Hard-hitting adverts of abandoned dogs too have a huge impact on how we push to raise funds for organisations like the RSPCA. Yet, our overall behaviour with regards to dogs is still poor when so many are being abandoned. How we treat animals does matter. We have a responsibility. We’re the reason dogs are domesticated in the first place, and we drive the demand for dogs. It’s rubbish to criticise how other countries treat dogs (such as eating them around the world) when we so casually allow dogs to starve on the streets. If we want to criticise the practice of other countries then we have to sort our own house out.

There is a link that those who abuse animals are at risking of abusing people too. Even if we want to be completely selfish, it is in our own interests to work towards tackling animal abuse and animal neglect. Animals can feel pain, they can feel the cold, they can feel hunger and they know what it means when they’re not loved or wanted. If we take on a dog then they are our responsibility.

Dogs are some of the greatest creatures on our planets – even Jack Russells, and it’s time we started treating them with more respect. With all the work we expect them to do for us, it’s about time we started working for them. So if a friend starts talking about how cute dogs are, make sure they also know the work that goes into them. Don’t splash out on a dog for Christmas but consider what getting a dog would mean for a while before making a decision (and remember, there is always adoption). Dogs are our best friends, but we just don’t deserve them.

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