Gifts for the ethically minded

Stand Up’s top ideas for ethically minded gifts…

December is arguably the most capitalist time of the year, with Christmas bang in the middle. However it’s also a time of giving and charity, so here are a few ideas from us here at Stand Up for ethically minded gifts:



There are a whole range of books out there on activism and current politics, but one that might be of particular interest to the more voracious readers out there is No is Not Enough, by Naomi Klein – an exploration of Trump, shock politics and what we can do to make a change – it might not be a light read, but it’s definitely an interesting one. For those more into fiction, Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde, a fandom based story full of feminism, queer and mental health representation may be for you.


lush v body shop.jpg.png

Toiletries are always a popular choice for gifts this time of year, but for the ethically minded out there, it can be a struggle to find products that are gentle, ethical and smell amazing. However, Lush and Body Shop are the obvious choices, if you’re willing to splash out (and a little of their product goes a surprisingly long way). For make up, you can also check out Cruelty Free Kitty’s list of cruelty free brands.



You only have to look on Etsy or Redbubble to see some wonderfully creative creations from independent artists and designers alike. With a whole range of products for both activists and nerds (or both alike), we especially like this Smash the Patriarchy embroidery kit, although there is a trove of pre-made hangings, cushions, enamel pins and more on Etsy, while Redbubble offers T-shirts, stickers and more – and all at an affordable range of prices

Charity – Donating


Obviously this is a fairly stereotypical gift for the ethically minded – giving in the name of someone’s favourite charity has been a staple for a while – but so have more creative gifts, like Oxfam Unwrapped, which helps people both in the UK and abroad. Give a goat, honey bees, a pig – or even manure…Alternatively, Action Aid also offers similar schemes, as well as ‘Dignity Kits’ which provide sanitary products for young refugee women.

Charity – Buying


It might not be the first place you would think to buy Christmas presents, but you can often find neglected treasures in Charity shops for very reasonable prices – and by buying your gift there, you’re also helping the people the charity helps. If you really don’t like the idea of buying second hand though, Oxfam and other shops often have their own brand of gift cards and small knick knacks that can also help give back.

These are just a few ideas, but if you’re still struggling with what to get, or ask for, hopefully they’ll have sparked a few ideas. Happy Holidays!

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