The best things about Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve, how on Earth did that come around so quickly?! Here are our favourite things about Christmas…

The songs

Christmas songs are either cheesy, like All I want for Christmas is you or grumpy, like Fairytale of New York. They’re the kinda songs that we wouldn’t listen to any other time of the year, but the minute Slade wishes everyone a merry xmas, you just can’t get rid of festive feels.

The food

This wouldn’t have been on anyone’s list who has a particular diet (vegetarian, vegan, gluten allergy etc.) a few years ago, but each year, the food just keeps getting better and much more inclusive. And all of it is yummy – apart from those God damn brussels sprouts that won’t ever seem to get the hint. You’re not wanted here, sprouts.


The booze

I mean booze are good any time of the year, but the festive drinks that come out over Christmas are just so yummy! Mulled wine warming away in the slow cooker, prosecco chilling in the fridge, whatever your December drink of choice is, it’s bound to taste like elves made it themselves.

Family time

The modern-day world is busy, and diverse, sprawling (and not always happy) families are extremely common. It can be very difficult to see every family member as much as you’d like to. But Christmas is an excuse for some people to take time out and open presents, eat, get merry and play games together. It’s just a shame Uncle Knobhead always has to turn up.


People get told off for looking forward to gifts. “It’s materialistic”, they say. They’re right. Of course it’s materialistic, and some people arguably spoil people just a little too much – but we are living under austerity. It’s human nature to feel happy when we’re treated, or when we give the people we love treats. It’s a lovely reminder that people think and care about you.

giphy (1)

The films

This year, Netflix finally got a decent Christmas film, Love Actually, and people are ecstatic! Watching films about Santa Clause and snow and Christmas trees and carol singers just isn’t the same in February when all that’s on your mind is your summer holiday. But at this time of year, these films are magical.

Time off work

Ok, so it’s not strictly Christmas-themed, and this doesn’t apply to everyone – although it should! But the majority of people get at least one or two days off work, and quite frankly, it’s bliss. Is there anything cosier than spending a day in jammies on the sofa binge-watching Netflix and eating left-over Christmas food? Nope.

Christmas jumpers

For one month only, you get to wear the silliest of jumpers. Whether you’re a subtle, simple jumper-wearer, love your pop-culture references, or go all out with a 3D penguin popping out, there’s just no other time in the year that everyone can wear silly jumpers together.

giphy (3)


Whether you’re a real tree or a fake tree kinda person. Have an obsession with tinsel or lights. Choose to have mistletoe on the ceiling or a wreath on the door, there’s no denying it’s nice to transform your house into your own winter wonderland for a few weeks.

Those days between Christmas and New Year

What even are they? Everyone wanders around in a state of bloat and merriness, not knowing where they are, what’s going on, or what day it is. Basically, everyone ends up on some kinda high purely through confusion. It’s a fun experience to share with people, and an interesting way to end the year.

giphy (4)

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