The top five presents we hope everyone got this Christmas

There’s no avoiding the “oh I love it” lie when a relative gets you a jumper you’ll NEVER wear, but we hope you got some great presents too.


What an underrated present! People moan about socks being boring, but when do you ever buy colourful, fancy socks for yourself? And it’s ridiculously difficult to keep them looking and feeling as good as new. Either they’re full of holes or one’s gone missing, it’s always great to get brand new pairs of socks.


GOOD chocolate

Everyone gets chocolate at Christmas, in fact we get so much that you’ll likely still find some in the kitchen in February. But there’s a difference between that crappy cardboard-like chocolate and a box of Ferrero Rocher or Guylian. We hope you all got some GOOD chocolate this year that will help you get through the January blues.

giphy (1)

Vinyl Pop! Figures

Once you pop, you can’t stop! When you have one, it looks lonely and sad. You just want more, and more, and more! And as cooler characters get introduced to us through films or TV shows, the more Pops we want. As long as people know what and who you like, Pop Figures can be some of the most fun presents. And with so many on offer now, it’s always a nice surprise.



Let’s be honest. The majority of us would be a little bit disappointed if we didn’t get any booze for Christmas. Just a bottle of wine, or some fancy beers, or even some liquor from those rich relatives you barely ever see. It’s a money-saving present more than anything. Not having to buy any booze for a couple of weeks makes that purse feel slightly less tight.

giphy (2).gif

Something unexpected

We’re a society that basically tells people what we want. From childhood when we’d circle the toys we want in the Argos catalogue, to adulthood where we literally send a link to our mum of the shoes we want. It’s great being able to get stuff we want and need without having to pay, but it’s even better when you open something amazing that you didn’t even ask for.

giphy (3)

But ultimately, we just hope you all had a lovely day, and continue the good vibes into the New Year.

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