The Top 5 Worst Politicians of 2017

So just who has fucked up the most this year?

2017 might not quite have reached the heights of 2016 for political fails, but with the General Election, it certainly runs a close second. So here’s who screwed up things the most this year:

5) Everyone who plotted against Corbyn (Labour)

If we mentioned them all then the article wouldn’t be up by 2020, never mind 2018. Yet, they all deserve a mention for spectacular miscalculation. It’s difficult to know what they were trying to achieve when arguing so much into an election will always cost votes. It seemed some were happy to see Labour lose if it meant getting rid of Corbyn. That attitude completely disrespected disabled voters and those suffering worst under austerity. As it was, Corbyn triumphed and the plotters must have all been struck down with a sore throat for the last six months as they have mostly been mysteriously quiet since. Given how many were eyeing up Corbyn’s job, no wonder they’re probably feeling a bit deflated now.

4) Sarah Champion (Labour)

Champion was forced to resign as shadow Equalities Minister after writing an article for The Sun, which claimed Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls”. Yep, that was the shadow Equalities Minister. Since then, Champion has doubled down and shared an article which included an incredibly selective study on Twitter that presented Asian men as particularly dangerous to children. It’s a completely unacceptable position and the fact she’s still a Labour MP draws serious questions about how Labour deals with such dog-whistling behaviour.

3) Tim Farron (Liberal Democrats)

A couple of years ago, the Liberal Democrats had a choice between Farron and Lamb for leader; they chose style, thinking it would appeal to the electorate. Let Farron be the last lesson needed to highlight style is a bunch of bullshit. When pressed on whether queer sex was a sin, Farron could say nothing but point to his voting record which was as sketchy as his comments. He then tried to frame the election as about Brexit – and completely failed. What mattered was austerity as people flocked to Labour to show they were sick of the cuts and sick of the Tories. Farron’s political judgement and character were shown to be as weak as the Lib Dem turnout.

2) Theresa May (Conservatives)

Corbyn’s been roundly ridiculed by the media since he was elected Labour leader the first time. So how can anyone seem competent? Well, by making Corbyn the surging rival. The media have gone from swooning over May as the next Thatcher to counting down how long it will take until her fragile government collapses (the Tories are the true snowflakes of 2017 it seems). May is being undermined at every turn by colleagues, making slow progress with Brexit and facing the threat of the DUP pulling the rug from under her at any moment. May’s call for the election to strengthen her hand was the biggest political miscalculation in modern history. The only positive for May is that she’s survived this long in power.

1) Boris Johnson (Conservatives)

Boris should be flying higher than any zip wire right now. Leave won, Cameron went last year and May is unpopular within the Conservatives and across the country. Yet, things couldn’t be more dismal for him. Boris has gone from gaffe to gaffe, isolating himself within his own party (to the extent Amber Rudd seemed to be the assigned babysitter to ensure he dutifully clapped along to May at the Conservative Party Conference). But the absolute lowest point was when his buffoonery set back hope for jailed Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, and even risked extending her sentence. It was an inexcusable mistake and one which should have cost Boris his job as Foreign Secretary – the only reason he’s still in the post is because May is too afraid to have him free from responsibility on the back benches.

Do you agree with our list? Or do you think someone else deserves a special mention? Have your say in the comments below!

One thought on “The Top 5 Worst Politicians of 2017

  1. A bit concerned that ‘sick of the Tories’ masks the possibility that large numbers of those who voted Labour did so not because they are in love with Corbyn but because they are anti-Brexit and the only thing that could be done at that time was to try and stop Theresa May in her tracks. Using the rather blunt instrument of Labour to do it, since the Lib Dems had no hope of winning enough seats to change the balance of power. Do also think that point 5 is a bit bulky, think it would have been better to just choose one person or if that is not casting the net wide enough then mention some actual names.


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