Five Toxic Romances That Should Not Have Happened

Film and TV can make us escape into fantasy worlds. So why did we ever get these romances as though they were a good thing?

1) Gilmore Girls – Luke and Lorelai

A lot gets said about Rory’s choices of men but we need to talk about Luka and Lorelai. They had amazing chemistry, sure, but one of the reasons why the ending to season seven was so unsatisfying was that these two were flung back together. It might have worked if they had properly worked on their issues, such as the poor communication, Lorelai marrying Christopher and some sort of scenario being worked out with April. But Luke and Lorelai got back together purely because of their feelings. They hadn’t actually worked on anything. It was incredibly difficult to believe that things could really improve between them. Relationships require more than feelings. They need hard work. In the revival so much hadn’t changed, Luke went along with whatever Lorelai wanted because he just wanted her to be happy. She accepted that without question and even went off into the wilderness, leaving him behind to wonder if they would be together.

It was cruel and toxic, and shows the imbalance in the relationship between the two. It all could have been avoided though with more consideration and more communication.

2) The 100 – Clarke and Finn

This isn’t even about Raven, Finn’s secret girlfriend (although he did think Raven was dead when he got with Clarke) but about how these two got together. After days of chemistry – yes, days but a lot can happen in The 100 – Clarke and Finn finally got together, but this was while Finn was trashing an entire bunker. His violent outburst wasn’t romantic. It was scary. Clarke should have been running for the hills. The fact she kissed him showed a desperate attempt to try to calm him down, it wasn’t remotely romantic even though the relationship was framed that way.

3) Dragon Ball Z – Goku and Chi-Chi

Chi-Chi deserved so much better. They could be great together or Goku could simply not be there. Goku was never all that interested in his family. He just picked them up again whenever there were no good fights going on. He spent half his time in other world (he wasn’t even there for the first seven years of one of his son’s life), and a fair chunk of time in space. Chi-Chi was left to raise her family alone for the majority of the time. Goku was a great hero, but he was a terrible husband and an even worse father.

4) Black Mirror (Nosedive) – Everyone

This episode has to be mentioned because it shows up one of the biggest flaws in so many relationships; obsessing over what other people think. It’s not really about social media, that has just heightened certain elements of toxicity that already existed. There’s this ridiculous ideal of a relationship that’s quite toxic but we’re told to chase after. There are even articles around debating whether liking someone’s Instagram selfie is considered cheating if you’re in a relationship.

Nosedive just amplified all of the really selfish elements that can exist in so many relationships portrayed onscreen and showed them at their absolute worst. The nightmare wasn’t social media, but how people chose to treat each other.

5) Fear the Walking Dead- Alicia and Jack

Okay, this is technically cheating as it wasn’t a romance that was really explored but it deserves a mention because this was when Fear hit rock bottom. Jack basically kidnapped Alicia, as his friends tried to murder her entire family and the only people she had left in the zombie world. Alicia though schemes to get back to her family. Throughout the episode there’s some implied connection but let’s get a grip of the situation, they talked over a radio a couple of times. Alicia is lonely but come on, her family will always come first to some guy she barely knows. The absolute worst part of this diabolical episode was the lingering shot at the end of Alicia looking sadly at Jack before she leapt into the sea to escape and join her family. Why on earth would she be sad? This guy helped kidnap her and put her family in danger? This wasn’t romantic, it was abusive, and it was barely a plot. Alicia is a great character and she deserved to have her character explored and established to the same lengths as Nick and Chris, but all she got was a dead boyfriend and a creep.

Some ships should definitely crash into the rocks and sink. Which romantic scenes have you hated the most? Tell us in the comments below.

One thought on “Five Toxic Romances That Should Not Have Happened

  1. I have only seen Gilmore Girls out of all these. I agree that their romance should have never happened. I think they were good friends, and they should have stayed just friends.
    The way they made out that Luke had been pining after Lorelai the whole time was really incorrect. He got married to someone else! He was in a deeply dramatic on again off again relationship with Rachel. So when exactly was he supposed to be pining after Lorelai? In between? That doesn’t count. In between would mean that it’s just a “there’s nothing else to do” crush.
    They would still have been able to have Lorelai being jealous of Luke talking to that fashion show woman and stuff like that, because that is an irrational possessive jealousy which you do get for friends and family members.
    They could even have got together and then decided to break up and just be friends. They didn’t have to make this big tragedy out of it. That’s what made me sad, they took this cheerful show, and made two of the funniest characters into these morose lovesick people.
    I did enjoy the revival though. 🙂
    Also, in the original plan for the series, the Luke character was written as a woman, which would have meant that all of that would’ve been avoided.


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