Donald Trump cancels UK visit amid internet mockery

Scepticism has broken out online after President Donald Trump announced this morning that he was cancelling his February visit to the UK.

While it’s not the first time that the supposed ‘leader of the free world’ has declined an offer to visit the UK – the 45th POTUS has yet to make an official state visit, after all, it is his reasoning that has sparked a humorous trend on Twitter.

The February visit was supposed to be to open the new US Embassy in Nine Elms. However the president cancelled the visit, claiming he blamed former President Obama for a “bad deal”.

Here’s his original tweet:

Never mind the fact that the deal was made a month before President Obama was even elected.

This swiftly prompted the hashtag #ICancelledMyTripToLondon, where Twitter users shared their own interpretations of Trump’s real reason for avoiding the trip.

As you can see from the collection below, Brits clearly aren’t taken in by Trump’s persona, and only confirms the truthfulness of later reports – that President Trump is wary of mass protests, should he step foot on British soil.

Even author Joanne Harris and tourist attraction Madame Tussaud’s got in on the action:

That said, protests at Trump’s entry into the UK are a forgone conclusion at this point.

Shortly after Trump’s inauguration, a petition attempting to block Trump from entering the UK garnered nearly 2 million signatures, and protests swept the country in the wake of both the November elections and January inauguration.

As Mayor for London Sadiq Khan said earlier today, Trump has “got the message”, that many Londoners, and indeed the rest of the country, are staunchly opposed to Trump, his ideals, and his policies.

Is the President going to need an extra scoop of ice cream tonight?

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