Why the Amateur Diagnosing of Donald Trump Needs to Stop

Seeing people trying to desperately find a reason why Trump isn’t fit for President is their way of trying to get out of jail free for a hell they unleashed.

There’s barely a day that goes by where people aren’t speculating upon the physical and mental condition of the world’s most powerful man who also apparently has the world’s biggest button. The health of the President is of the upmost importance but the feverish way in which many are claiming Trump is unfit for office is akin to someone desperately trying to fix their own colossal mistake.

Trump may well have health issues, but I wouldn’t know and nor would most people speculating. We are not his doctors, and even those within the medical profession ought to take care when evaluating the health of someone they only know through tweets and snippets of TV. However, the real reason people are panicking now is because they realise exactly what they’ve unleashed. It was okay when it was candidate Trump, but now he’s President and he hasn’t actually changed or become more presidential (as the world is used to) people are worried about what they’ve done. It was all just jokes when he was unleashing ableism and racism as a joke candidate, but now it’s for real, people are suddenly realising exactly what they’ve done.

Trump hasn’t changed at all from being a candidate. In the last year, it would be hard to suggest his health had deteriorated so dramatically he could not be fit to serve and yet nobody around him (so far as we know) has began any form of action. The truth is this is the man people voted for. Those tweets about having a bigger button drew cheers from his fans. The wilder he is, the more ridiculous, the more his fans love him and the more liberals feel sick because they said Hilary was just as bad. Everyone of the middle class, every white person, every straight person, every Leaver, every able-bodied person is complicit.

“Trump hasn’t changed at all from being a candidate”

The panic of Trump’s Presidency has shown that people haven’t learnt anything. They’re looking to use ableism to empower themselves. By saying Trump is disabled, they think they’ve found an excuse for his bigotry and incompetence when he’s always been like that. Disabled people aren’t your props.

There, of course, can be concerns over a president’s health. The US has a ridiculous system. There’s a minimum age requirement for candidates but no maximum age. There’s little health transparency or scrutiny unless the candidate or president decides. It’s what allowed Hilary to be slammed for having pneumonia while Trump was able to boast about his health (with little facts or verification). The public should be confident in any president to carry out the duties of their office, but that’s why the focus should be upon the system for installing a president and maintaining their power. With a thorough system in place, Trump or any president who is deemed unfit will be dealt with through proper channels. But right now, the health narrative smears disabled people and lays into Trump’s hands who can once again play victimhood.

Attempts to remove Trump are getting more and more about desperation, as his presidency worsens and more horrendous legislation passes. The problem is that the election cannot be undone so easily. The investigation into Russia may yet have results. Trying to remove Trump due to little evidence about his health misses the point – Trump isn’t the only problem. If he goes, then there is still Pence and the GOP. The US needs to address all of its parties, its swing to a hard right and what it stands for. It’s about so much more than one President but about all of the forces that allowed him to occupy the White House.

Trump is a terrible President for the same reasons he’s a terrible man. There’s no quick fix to the damage he will do, and has already done. Spectators though should refrain from engaging in ableism lest they marginalise a community already stigmatised and at the most risk of being targeted under Trump’s presidency. Press for change, push for firm investigations into all of Trump’s potential wrongdoings, demand a new system for selecting and monitoring the president but don’t engage in diagnosing Trump from afar – especially if you don’t have any qualifications to do so.

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