Let’s Learn to Love Nature

We’ve only got one planet so let’s stop fucking destroying it, okay?

The planet is in a critical phase where we now have to take action against climate change if we are to avoid the very worst consequences. The world is facing increasing pressures from climate change but also damaging environmental practices which increase pollution. Here’s how we can show our love for the planet and make a difference – because protecting the planet is an act of self-care.

Demand a ban on glitter.

Glitter is everywhere from November – Easter. It’s used in Halloween costumes, Christmas presents and Valentine’s/Easter/Christmas cards. Glitter is a microplastic and plastic causes huge environmental damage. It’s incredibly dangerous when eaten, and due to glitters small size it easily ends up in our oceans. One study by Richard Thompson found that plastic was present in one third of UK fish. Cut glitter out of your seasonal gifts, don’t wear it as part of a costume and ask MPs to ban it. They just got rid of microbeads so glitter should be next.

Write to MPs.

There are sites which can help you easily write to your MP and it does make a difference. Let your MP know where you stand on air pollution, on whether you oppose any proposed fracking in your area and whether you support more investment in renewable energy and green jobs. Putting pressure on MPs to make green issues top of the agenda means that these issues become campaigning topics and there’s more onus on bringing environmental change.

Write to companies you shop with.

Let them know that as a regular/loyal consumer you want to see green practices. If there is too much packaging, tell them. If you’ve seen that they package from recycled boxes then also write to give them praise. Brands should also be judged on how environmentally friendly there. Consumers don’t always have a lot of power, but they do have some and it should absolutely be utilised.


Tweets do work – especially to organisations who don’t want the risk of negative PR. If you can’t write to legislators or organisations for whatever reason, then send a quick tweet.

Buy less plastic.

As consumers, it’s up to us what we buy. We can’t always buy ethical products if on a low budget, but we can try to make environmentally conscious choices wherever possible. Save the 5p and buy a bag for life. Instead of buying bottled water, try tap water, if possible. If you buy plastic items, are they going to be used in the long term? Is it a plastic toy that will be thrown out in six months? Or are there better alternatives available?

Buy ethical jewellery. 

Jewellery often isn’t sourced well and the production/sourcing of it can cause huge greenhouse gases through mining and also lead to deforestation. Check out ethical jewellery brands and if these are unaffordable due to postage or cost, then consider going without or wearing an older piece rather than contributing to demand for new items.

Think about your daily choices. 

Being environmentally conscious can make a huge difference. The small changes do add up. Whether it’s having a meat free day, using public transport more or using a bag for life, we can all make a difference. It will take substantial change to really protect the planet but we can do that in small steps and the best way to gradually overhaul our lifestyles is to think about every choice. That way, protecting the environment becomes a natural choice for us and isn’t such a shock to our habits and routines.

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