Our Political Class Doesn’t Have a Clue

What are they even on about?

Captain SKA produced an unexpected political hit last year, although most radios couldn’t play it in fear of violating the strict Ofcom rules around political messages. The song slammed Theresa May but it had harsh messages for the ruling political class generally. Politicians are thought of as liars and out of touch. In the age of Brexit, they feel as remote and unaccountable as ever.

Westminster comes off as a seedy institution of “wtf?”. It was found that an MP asking his female staffer to buy a sex toy was actually okay and not sexual harassment. The Commons bar is infamous for getting MPs off their faces (at our expense) and during the day time, we get garbled messages about “Brexit means Brexit” and absolutely no answers on anything that matters – such as Grenfell.

The rise of Corbyn hasn’t really brought the downfall of bullshit. Theresa May still barely answers any questions at the absurdly outdated PMQ sessions. If she did answer a question, nobody would be able to hear with all the old boys on both sides of the house jeering at each other. Even on Twitter, it isn’t much better with the Lib Dems barely being relevant when all they manage to do is mock Labour. Corbyn is almost impossible to figure out when it comes to Brexit, and Brexit is a huge issue for most voters. It will impact our NHS, the employment landscape and the entire economy. If the UK goes to hell then what will Corbyn do to drag us out of the Brexit mess?

Nothing about our politics feels substantial. MPs get to do what they like and never answer any questions for it. If someone is accused of sexual harassment then they’re held in a Cabinet position, until they admit to knowing more than they claimed and then they resign. In the meantime, while the Commons focuses inwards, the entire country is trying to demand answers about our long term prospects. These are answers that not one politician seems able to provide. If Brexit is a disaster then it is entirely a reflection on how incompetent our politicians are.

“Nothing about our politics feels substantial”

Parliament can be defined by pomp, ceremony and a whole load of waffle. We almost never get clear answers about how problems will be tackled. It’s not just a case of spin but a case of politicians standing up, often saying nothing for as long as it takes until people forget what they asked in the first place. The decisions feel as though they’re happening in a vacuum but it’s real people who are having to live with the consequences; real people depending upon social security, in full time jobs or with different demands who don’t get an MP’s salary, their wages or their media profile.

Our process of different councils too can feel vastly convoluted, often the only people who win any form of political seat have to have at least some financial security behind them to be able to afford the deposit. The UK feels as though it’s at the mercy of different groups trying to score points while we enter one of the most fraught political times we’ve experienced in modern history. We just need some real work to get done. A real difference made so that life can be made easier for people, and they can be supported how they need to be. With this political class, the chances of that are slim.

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