Five Things We Hope to See in Season Five of The 100

The 100 is all about the empowerment of young people – and here is everything we hope season 5 delivers this year.

The new series is expected to drop in the UK in the next few months, and here’s what should be explored after the six year time leap.

1) Clarke’s story beyond motherhood

It will be great to see Clarke’s story shift beyond her loyalty to her people, but to see her focus on herself and her new family. However, too often in TV show’s women become defined by whether they’ve had kids or not. It’ll be a huge shame if Clarke’s incredible character is diminished or narrowed at all by her now being a mother. It’s unlikely the show would be so predictable, however. While Abby has largely focused on her daughter, the six year separation may mean her character gets a reboot and Indra is the only other (living) mother on the show, and was never once defined by that role. It will be great to see where Clarke’s character goes from here.

2) Raven leading

Raven’s portrayal of chronic pain is arguably the best there has been on TV. However, while Raven is a fantastic character, and Morgan an astounding actor, it would be great if Raven’s pain wasn’t explored in too much depth for one series. While everyone must suffer on this show, Raven has by far been put through the most. Her genius will inevitably be pushed to the limits as she tries to keep herself and the others alive in space, and it will be a refreshing change to explore Raven as a leader in her own right rather than everyone’s reliable support.

3) Octavia finding her identity

This show just doesn’t stop delivering incredible stories and writing for women – and this is especially true in the case of Octavia. The younger Blake has often been the moral antithesis to Clarke and Bellamy, who were always willing to do whatever it took to get what they wanted. Octavia spent her time lost with the death of Lincoln, but she finally found her own self and began to offer the others hope at the end of season 4. It’ll be fascinating to see how Octavia handles the pressures of being a leader – and whether she will gain a new understanding of the choices Clarke was forced to make in earlier seasons.

4) A more prominent role for Indra

Make. Indra. A. Main. Character. Indra is amazing, and incredibly versatile. She is one of the few characters who really give us an understanding of Grounder history and she can switch her role from ruthless leader to loyal support in an instant. We need more of Indra. She really is one of the moist compelling characters on the show.

5) Bellamy taking a back-seat

Season 2 was great because Bellamy took a support role. The show wasn’t driven by his morals, because way too often Bellamy flips from being a leader who wants to inspire, to someone who just wants to murder out of xenophobia. Bellamy is exhausting, and the massacre of the Trikru army can never truly be redeemed. While there’s clearly a role for Bellamy as he keeps his group together, it’ll be nice to see him take more of a back-seat in terms of driving the action according to his morality. Hopefully it’ll be Raven and Echo being the driving forces in space.

Season 5 may well be the most anticipated series of The 100 yet. With all of the survivors now in different places (hell, they aren’t even all on the same planet) and a six year time leap, the show could really go anywhere. Please, hurry up, April.

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