How Indra is the Overlooked Star of The 100

Season 5 of the new series should pay Indra’s dues.

There’s a lot the Stand Up team love about The 100 – the cool plot, the amazing twists and, most importantly, the incredible representation of women. It is women who dominate the show, and lead each storyline. Season 4 saw Clarke being left on the ground to lead any people she could find alone, Octavia acting as a new commander in the underground sanctuary and Raven being the one everyone would depend upon in space. Queer women, disabled women and women of colour are the ones setting the tone of the whole show – but one who often doesn’t get enough attention is Indra.

Indra is an incredible warrior, who has been the focal point for Trikru. Indra was one of the first characters that was introduced to us that really explored just why the ‘Grounders’ would be so hostile to Skaikru. Yet, Indra was shown to be one of the most complex and engaging characters of the series. Her distrust of her enemy evolved, as she trained Octavia and grew dismayed at Lexa’s decisions, from abandoning their allies at Mount Weather to giving up on the tradition of ‘blood must have blood’. Indra shifts from role to role, from leading Trikru to following the Commander, and even her once protege, Octavia. She encapsulates the heart of the show – adapting to survive.

“Indra was shown to be one of the most complex and engaging characters of the series”

Her character is a refreshing break for sci-fi. It’s rare people of colour ever feature in the genre, but even more rare to portray a woman of colour as a leader. Indra is a mother, but not defined by that remotely. Her duty is to her people, and her daughter largely followed a separate path. There is little family drama, just two people with respect and on different paths.

So much is made of Clarke, Octavia and Raven – and rightly, so. The 100 is allowing women to be given the same decent storylines that men are always given. They are also in the main cast, whereas Adina Porter (Indra) is a guest star, but as Alycia Debnam Carey made her impact in her recurring role as Lexa, and Lindsey Morgan did initially as Raven (before being promoted to the main cast), Porter is bringing a much needed dynamic to the show through Indra.

Indra deserves more than just having storylines bounce off Octavia. Hopefully season 5 will deliver more for this already epic character. Indra is strong enough to carry the show, and drive the plot forward. Hell, she even deserves adding to the Pop! merchandise range. Indra is giving the representation we need in sci-fi and she deserves huge adoration from the show’s fans for that.

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