The 5 Best Things About Easter

We’ve put together a run down of the top five things about Easter weekend…


It’s an obvious one, and that’s what makes it so great. There’s no question that chocolate has become THE Easter gift. If we don’t have much money, we can buy a £1 Easter egg from the pound shop, or if we do and we really want to treat someone, we can get them a humongous marble-effect white chocolate and raspberry egg with ten gourmet chocolate sweets for £30. The options are endless, and essentially it’s chocolate, so you don’t have to do the fake “oh I love it” face when actually it’s the best gift you’ve ever received.

Discounted chocolate

Okay, so it’s chocolate again but it’s a different kind of chocolate. It’s cheap, discounted chocolate that you can buy for yourself rather than for others from Tuesday 3rd April. Didn’t get that particular caramel chocolate egg you’d been eyeing up for the past three weeks? No problem, you can now get it for yourself for half the price!

Seeing family

This isn’t always a positive, but there are some family members you only see on special occasions and this is the first since Christmas and New Year. It’s sometimes nice to reunite with estranged family, especially the ones you get on with. A few hours where you can catch up with that cousin you barely see but makes you laugh so much you pee your pants. Or listen to your grandpa’s war stories (they aren’t always bad…) Okay, so this can be difficult and uncomfortable but it can also be lots of fun reconnecting. For many it’s one of the rare times a year we can actually get time of work and so it can be a chance to make the most of it with the people we don’t always get to see. But it’s also okay if you’re not close with family. There’s a lot of pressure on these holidays and you don’t have to hang out with toxic people.


Since Christmas and New Year, food has felt a little dull. After three months of stew, chilli and soup, the warming food begins to get a little boring. Also, we’re all too broke after the winter festivities to indulge in yummy food. Whether you’re into hot cross buns, you’re a meat-eater, a vegetarian, a vegan or you just cannot wait to crack open the chocolate eggs, this is essentially the first opportunity in the year to splurge on over-priced food that we don’t need, buy way too much for just four people, and still demolish the lot of it by the end of the weekend.

A well-deserved break*

We all came into work at the beginning of January feeling disappointed we’re back but also refreshed and slightly de-stressed after some time away. But then it starts to get busy, the stress begins to come back, and before you know it your shoulders are tense, you have a constant headache and you’re desperately trying to get holidays booked. The Easter break is a perfect chance to relax. Whether you’re going away for the four days, sleeping the whole way through or taking the chance to do some decorating, it’s a great chance to have a few days out of the office.

*Unfortunately this doesn’t apply to everyone and we acknowledge some people in fact have to work a hell of a lot harder over Easter so for that, we apologise.

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