5 Things You Learn When You Get Sober

Because one of the hardest things about getting sober is having to deal with other people…

Getting sober is often a case of all work and no play in the beginning, especially as play has probably meant a lot of booze in the past and that option is now a no-go. Here are five things you soon realise when you kick alcohol.

5) Being sober is intense.

Your brain feels like it never shuts up. Alertness increases, creativity can increase and it can be a strange sensation especially if you ever have relied on drink so as to escape reality. For some it can be a buzz in itself, for others it can feel like a kind of strange torture to get used to.

4) Trying to find self-worth and self-love are long journeys.

One of the big problems with how we talk about addiction or dependency is that we tend to shame people who abuse substances. This means that people’s self worth can end up smashed to hell, when they’re supposed to be believing in themselves enough to completely transform their lives. However, our self-worth and self-love shouldn’t be dependent upon other people’s judgement. We need to look after ourselves for us. We also have to learn on days when we feel shit about ourselves, we can’t go back into bad old habits of destructive behaviour.

3) People are really tiring.

Suddenly entire conversations have to change. Conversations about who’s doing what after work, and who’s partying hard suddenly become either insipid or infuriating. It can be really isolating, but being sober can make you realise how damn irritating just some people are.

2) Your life has to turn upside down.

It’s not just as simple as being sober, your entire routine has to change to make sure you stay sober. That can mean changing weekly schedules, jobs and even friendship groups.

1) There’s either a lot of judgement or a lot of erasure.

Some people will look at you like they’re waiting for you to fail, and others will completely forget you’re trying to get sober and will try to order cocktails and shots for you. Either way, it’s not great but while being addicted to anything carries huge stigma it’s just something that you find you often have to put up with.

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