Five Votes Which Show Jacob Rees-Mogg Is a Bell-End Who Should Be Ignored

Jacob Rees-Mogg’s accent might be a laugh but his voting record sure isn’t.

Jacob Rees-Mogg has attracted increasing fame in recent years. His ‘quirky’ demeanour has won applause and admiration. He’s became an Instagram hero. Even the toff, Toff, (from Made in Chelsea and I’m a Celebrity) has talked about the huge crush she has on him. But this absolute boy has an unbelievably shit voting record that even Donald Trump might be hard pressed to match. Here are five votes which prove Rees-Mogg shouldn’t be treated as a joke, but with caution.

1) Rees-Mogg voted against same-sex marriage.

Catholic views are absolutely fine – until people try to pick random bits out of the Bible and try and mould laws around them. Most Catholics aren’t as extreme as Rees-Mogg but he takes the Bible how he wants it. Jesus actually says nothing about same-sex marriage (or queer people for that matter). Rees-Mogg seeking to deny people the same rights he has is the height of arrogance.

2) He voted to repeal the Human Rights Act – twice.

In 2012 and 2016, Rees-Mogg voted to repeal the Human Rights Act of 1998. The Human Rights Act protects us from abuses by our government. This has seen a bolster to queer rights and has even helped out in tragedies such as Hillsborough, where Article 2 was used to argue that there had to be a thorough investigation of what happened that day and allowed campaigners to obtain a new inquest. There is a lot often made about the Human Rights Act but, ultimately, it helps to protect British citizens.

3) Rees-Mogg voted against against EU nationals already living in the UK to be able to retain their rights post-Brexit.

Perhaps the worst thing to come from Brexit is the uncertainty that EU nationals now face regarding their status in the UK. Rees-Mogg has done nothing to help the situation. In 2016, he voted against EU nationals in the UK automatically retaining their rights after Brexit – and that includes the right to live and work. Thousands of people are facing uncertainty around their entire futures, and Rees-Mogg has offered nothing but a wave goodbye.

4) Rees-Mogg voted in favour of the bedroom tax.

The bedroom tax is regularly in the news for the heartbreaking stories that have stemmed from its introduction. Many have struggled to cope with its introduction, and the worst part is that it makes life so much harder for people who are often already in trouble. It’s a failed policy in terms of maths and a broken policy regarding how we treat British citizens.

5) Rees-Mogg also voted against giving people who had been disabled since youth the same rights to ESA as able-bodied people.

The quaint MP voted against those who have been ill or disabled since their youths and childhoods from receiving Employment and Support Allowance as if they had made sufficient National Insurance contributions to qualify for a contribution based allowance. This means that disabled people, who have been disabled since potentially their childhoods, would have significantly fewer rights (and less income) simply because of their conditions. It’s a cruel and unusual way to vote against people simply because they have a disability. Rees-Mogg must have skipped over certain key parts of the Bible about compassion.

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