The Best Ways to Use Your Gap Year for Self-Improvement

If you’re tired from all the studying and could use some time off to recharge your batteries, a gap year might be just the thing you need.

Your gap year can be anything you want it to be – it could be a chance to travel around the world, make new friends, gain some valuable experience, or simply rest and think things through. However, considering that your life isn’t exactly on pause, you should still make sure to spend the time you have wisely. With that in mind, here are a couple of ways in which you can use your gap year to improve yourself and your lifestyle.

Learn a new language

One of the most “popular” ways of self-improvement is learning a new language. By learning Spanish, for example, it would be much easier to find your way around in Spain, Mexico, or any country in Latin America. Moreover, you’d be able to not just communicate with them more easily but also understand their culture much better. The thing is, learning a foreign language is not just about communication but also about the culture, tradition, and history of the people whose language you’re learning. Therefore, choose a language that you’d like to know, and sign up for classes as soon as you can.

Work on your communication skills

In this day and age, face-to-face communication is not as common as it used to be. However, it’s not any less important, and most aspects of your life depend on your ability to communicate clearly and properly; you can’t have a healthy relationship if you don’t know how to communicate with your partner; you can’t advance at work if you don’t know how to socialize with your colleagues; you can’t even find your way around in a foreign place if you don’t know how to speak to strangers politely. Fortunately, it is a skill that is fairly easily practiced and improved. Consider enrolling in debate clubs, book clubs, or joining any kind of social group where you can meet new people and exchange ideas.

Travel around the world

If you’ve always wanted to visit a certain place but could never find the time, taking a year off can be a great opportunity to travel, see something new, and gain new experiences. Traveling can also help you make new friends and work on the above-mentioned communication skills. In case you don’t have any specific destination in mind but would still like to go somewhere, there are fantastic schoolies 2019 that might be just the thing you need to unwind and come back home refreshed and ready to face new challenges.

Get a job

Now, this might not be the most fun option on this list, but there are many benefits of getting a job during your gap year. Besides the most obvious one – earning some extra money – it can also help you learn how to work in a team, manage your finances, organize your time, and become more mature in general. Plus, earning some extra money on your own, besides making you feel good about yourself and improving your confidence, can also come in handy; you could treat yourself with a new pair of shoes, save for your first car, or simply invest in your future studies.


Even though there isn’t any money involved, volunteering still offers you all of the above-mentioned benefits of having a job. Plus, many people who have volunteered in the past say that it is very rewarding. So, if you love animals, consider volunteering at your local animal shelter. If you like working with people, you can work with children or the elderly. Moreover, volunteering shows that you are compassionate, dedicated, responsible, and committed, which are qualities any future employer would value. Also, both getting a job and volunteering could get you some good references that might help you land a job or scholarship later.

Organize your time

Self-improvement can be done in many different ways, but one of the best places to start is with your time-management skills. For example, do you like sleeping until noon? Who doesn’t, but even though there is nothing wrong with sleeping in from time to time, you’d be surprised at how much you can achieve if you wake up at 9 a.m. every workday instead. Do you have a problem with procrastinating? Many teenagers and young adults do – and again, that is a bad habit you can work on now that you have the time. In short, learning how to organize your time and use it effectively is a skill that can improve your lifestyle in many ways. After all, what’s the point of having some extra free time if you don’t know how to make use of it, right?

Taking a year off would give you a chance to improve yourself, whether it is by learning a new language, getting a job, or simply traveling and improving your daily habits. As long as you choose to do something useful that can benefit you in the future, you can consider it time well spent.

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