What if I Can’t Forgive the Lib Dems?

If you don’t vote Lib Dem you aren’t betraying the Remain movement.

One of the biggest ideas that Remainers have to show that Brexit is a terrible idea that isn’t supported by people is to vote for the Lib Dems. This is because the Lib Dems have been consistently anti-Brexit and have pushed for a re-think on the referendum vote.

Brexit is an issue that has dominated the political agenda since 2016. A lot of people are weary with it, a lot of people are living in despair. It’s not hard to see why when it’ll be one of the biggest upheavals in recent political history and the vast majority of indicators suggest that for the UK, it will be an economic disaster. Many activists have gained attention for their creative uses of activism to show just how bad an idea Brexit is. Brexit has inspired costumes, placards and endless protests so it is understandable that it would also inspire people to vote.

However, not everyone agrees with this approach. Remain has its shortcomings. The idolisation of the Lib Dems is a baffling turn of events which shows that the supporters haven’t really reflected on why it failed.

Deciding not to vote Liberal Democrat though does not make you a traitor to the Remain cause.

“Deciding not to vote Liberal Democrat though does not make you a traitor to the Remain cause”

It is perfectly possible to resist Brexit but not vote Liberal Democrat because the Lib Dems are an awful party whose centrism helped bring this mess in the first place.

A lot of disabled people won’t be able to reconcile voting for a party who held up the Tories and whose leader voted for the hated bedroom tax. The victims of austerity – those who have been hit so hard that there have been deaths from welfare cuts – should not be blamed or scapegoated for the political mistakes that this country makes.

If people don’t want to vote for the Lib Dems because of that record, then that’s their right and they don’t deserve hounding for it. An end to Brexit won’t end austerity. Some people just can’t forgive the Lib Dems and if change is to come, that’s a lesson the yellow team has to swallow.

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