Dear White People Takes on White Liberal Tears

Season Two is here and is as strong as the first season.

Dear White People made waves when it first aired, but sadly the fantastic content of the show was almost drowned out because white people got so offended by the name and immediately called for a boycott of the show. Most of these people were probably the same fragile souls who trolled The Last Jedi and got offended that Black Panther was ever made.

Yet, the series couldn’t be pulled down. There have been a rise in shows which capture the moment; whether it’s The Handmaid’s Tale or Big Little Lies, there are shows being produced that seem to burn into focus issues which were too long have been ignored. Dear White People is having all of the necessary conversations on race, and all it needs is for the audience to stop and listen.

The show at times seems to lose the sharp narrative focus on season one, but that’s possibly a result of the show trying to cram all of the important conversations in that need to be had. Troy’s episode feels especially haphazard, but ultimately, it is still a compelling and an engaging episode and one which ends where we finally see Troy begin to be able to feel empowered, and not as though he has to keep running away from himself. This show can deliver stunning and powerful scenes which are rarely found in any media.

“This show can deliver stunning and powerful scenes which are rarely found in any media”

Gabe’s episode, ironically, was the best. He’s one of the only white characters on the show but his episode was incredible because it was centred on Sam and her experiences as a black woman, being trolled by the alt-right and who has this liberal white ex-boyfriend hanging around who just doesn’t get it. The most incredible dialogue in TV is exchanged between the two throughout the episode, and it stands alone as must-watch TV whether you have ever watched the show or not. It’s Sam who really takes centre stage in this episode.

We see Gabe thinking he’s the good guy and that he’s saying all of the right things but he trips up time and again because he never really listens, and his privilege stops him from truly understanding the absolute magnitude of racism Sam faces daily. Gabe is so self-righteous, self-focused and utterly naive that it’s what stops these conversations from really going the distance. People of colour have been saying what racism is constantly, but white liberals and progressives have been resistant to listening and therefore aren’t acting as the allies which are needed. They’re not taking fire, but they’re taking profit from the struggle.

If the title of this show pisses you off then good. It’s not the show that’s the problem it’s you, because Dear White People right now is delivering the content that the world is too scared to address. Watch this show and pay attention. Turn off Twitter, your phone, whatever. This show deserves your full attention. It’s media like this which shows just why stories matter.

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