With the Focus on Plastics We Can’t Forget About Climate Change

We need to tackle both issues.

After the success of Blue Planet 2, the UK Government has pushed to tackle the plastics crisis we face. If we don’t tackle plastics pollution then our oceans will be irrevocably damaged.

The UK Government has proposed a bottle deposit scheme (although this is a day late and a dollar short as many countries already have this in place) as well as tackling plastic straws and cotton buds. The announcements are a start but they’re nowhere near enough – they also shouldn’t detract from the fight against climate change.

Despite David Cameron’s initial green approach, his commitment to environmentalism was soon abandoned and it didn’t look particularly on top of May’s agenda when she succeeded to Number 10. However, David Attenborough is not a force that can be ignored and he helped to trigger change, or perhaps the Government just wanted to cynically ride high on his popularity.

Whatever the reason, there has been momentum to tackle plastics. However, we too have to tackle climate change or, not to be dramatic, but the world as we know it is simply screwed.

Cleaning up our oceans is all very well and good but it is useless if we don’t try to curb off the disaster that is climate change.

“Cleaning up our oceans is all very well and good but it is useless if we don’t try to curb off the disaster that is climate change”

Climate change will have a very real impact across our world, and it already is. The poorest communities will be the most vulnerable. Species are already struggling to adapt to its effects. We just need to think of that now famous photo of the starving polar bear.

If we want to protect our planet as we know it, and as we enjoy it, then we must also tackle climate change. That means taking on big business, investing in renewable technology and changing our own personal habits. Otherwise, we’re simply rearranging the deckchairs on a sinking ship.

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