I Got My Hairy Legs Out and I Loved It

Hair-free really does equal care-free.

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As a feminist, I’ve always been a supporter of not shaving, not wearing a bra, not wearing make-up etc. But recently I braved it and took the leg-hair leap myself. And I loved it!

I had an appointment booked to get my legs waxed after work, and it just so happened that this particular day was hot. I debated stuffing my swollen, sweaty thighs into a pair of black jeans and then questioned why on Earth I’d do that to myself. So I put on a pair of culottes which almost come up to my knee when I sit down, and I embraced the hair sprouting from the lower half of my legs.

When I sat down outside with my lunch, I felt like people were looking at my legs and to be honest, I almost became embarrassed. Then I remembered it’s hair. Hair. If people want to look, good for them, I’m sure they’re missing something much more exciting happening down the other end of the road. But this is just it, isn’t it? Women feel disgusting, silly and on show when they have their hairy legs out, and that shouldn’t be the case!

“Women feel disgusting, silly and on show when they have their hairy legs out, and that shouldn’t be the case!”

The beauty standards women have to adhere to are simply ridiculous, and getting rid of your leg hair is just the same. For starters, shaving razors are crap. Not only are women’s twice the price of men’s (and add the price of shaving cream on top of that), but they’re so sharp when you first buy them, they cut your ankle, your knee, and everywhere in between. Then they go too blunt, and you have to spend a stupid amount of money on another pack of leg murderers.

But that’s just shaving, what about waxing? It bloody hurts! I mean once you’ve done it a few times, it hurts slightly less but it still fucking hurts! We walk into the salon, we get down to our knickers, we have a woman pull each hair out of our leg by the root, we then proceed to pay them for their service. Don’t get me wrong, beauticians work ridiculously hard and let’s face it, shaving hairy vaginas, pits and legs all day is hardly a glamorous job. But the idea that we feel the need to pay for a service that puts us in so much pain is absurd.

I have to make a confession. I did get my legs waxed that evening, and I’ll be getting them done again when they grow long enough. I’m not quite ready to go full on hair-free just yet, but I admire, respect and totally understand the women that do. They’re more bold than me because they’re owning it.

If a woman has hairy legs when you’re out, and you’re about to laugh or gawp at her, remember one things; it’s hair. Hair. All women have it, in fact we have loads on our head (and all over the rest of your body), it’s meant to be there. So leave her to it, just as she leaves you to go through the pain – both physically and financially – of waxing, shaving, and whatever else the new hair-loss fad is.

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