Jurassic World Alive Shows Pokemon Go How It’s Done

Not everyone wants to walk a mile for one damn reward.

Jurassic World Alive is a Pokémon Go style game, only its actually better than the original concept.

Pokémon Go swept the entire world a couple of summers ago. It seemed like a nice enough concept. You get to walk around collecting cute creatures wherever you go. Except if you work full-time, don’t particularly enjoy the outside world, have hayfever, don’t want to face being abducted by a stranger on a dark night or are disabled. Then the game was just fun that everyone else was having.

But Jurassic World Alive managed to make a much more complete and balanced game. You can collect dinosaurs without walking too far. They’ll often refresh and add new ones right outside your home every ten minutes or so. The incubators don’t require any walking either. You can either spend the in-game currency you can win or simply just wait for them to open.

Jurassic World Alive managed to make a much more complete and balanced game”

The battles are also the most fun part – and absolutely no walking is required. Instead, after you’ve conquered the tutorial rounds and got a basic dinosaur collection (which is the most you’ll have to wait for anything), you can jump right into battles with anyone whenever you fancy. The system is great and competitive. If you lose a match, you lose a certain amount of points which might knock you back out of the arena you’ve just qualified for. It’s the gym system without any of the faff.

Even the system of having to wait works well. It’s not like the awful Harry Potter game. You’re not forced to stop mid action. You can battle on while your incubator is hatching. The fun isn’t stopped to try to encourage you to spend your money. There are options to buy more currency, but it’s completely possible to enjoy the game fully without spending any money at all.

Jurassic World Alive is an inclusive and accessible game which everyone can enjoy. They understand their audience far better than their competitions and because of that, have made one of the best mobile games around right now. This isn’t following in the shadow of a trend started two years ago. Jurassic World Alive has set its own benchmark for other games to meet.

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