The Best Student Accommodation Around the Globe

Isabel William looks into the best student accommodation available.


College years are far from easy, but they can be the best years of your life if you manage to organize your time well, study hard, and find the right accommodation to suit all your needs. Whether you prefer to live alone or with a roommate, there are plenty of different choices. With that in mind, here are the best student accommodation options around the globe that would definitely make both studying and relaxing much more enjoyable.


Cité A Docks gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “living in a box”. It is comprised of 100 shipping containers that serve as apartments. They are all well-furnished, well-insulated, and with large windows that allow more than enough natural light. Also, the first floor is raised from the ground, so all the units have the same amount of privacy. All of the boxes overlook a garden, and they are near water, which adds to the aesthetic aspect of the area.

The UK

If you’ve always wanted to live in a castle, then this accommodation option is for you. Founders Building, which is a part of Royal Holloway University, was built in 1881, and it was inspired by the gorgeous Château de Chambord. Not many lectures are held in there, and it also has a café and a library for both relaxation and studying. What’s best of all, it’s right in the middle of the campus, so you don’t have to get up too early in order to make it to the lectures in time.


If you are looking for student accommodation in Brisbane, you can choose anything from private studios to shared apartments, all fully furnished. Iglu’s options allow you to live independently while still having the support you need to start a successful college life. Most of their properties are close to the major universities in the city, and there are plenty of entertainment options as well. This kind of accommodation is also very secure and safe, which allows you to focus on making new friends, studying for college, and creating new experiences.

The Netherlands

Campagneplein Dormitory has everything you could ask for from a great supermarket to a hairdresser’s salon. It also has an amazing roof terrace where you can unwind and enjoy the view. However, one of the most amazing features of this building is the walls; one side of the building has been transformed into a climbing wallThis means that if you love sports and consider yourself to be an active and adventurous person, this accommodation is perfect for you.


Just looking at Simmons Hall can give you an idea of how amazing it must be to live there. It was nicknamed “the sponge” thanks to its appearance, and it has also won numerous awards for its technological features. One of them is the so-called “lungs” – large openings that allow natural light and fresh air to pass through. It has everything a student could wish for; there is an on-site gym, a large dining hall, a scooter hockey field, and a ball pit.


Doorm will enable you to have a great time while studying. Its design is very sleek, and there’s a lot of natural light. There are also many different room options depending on your budget, all of them equally clean and pretty. Moreover, Doorm has a gym, study room, outdoor lounge areas, and there’s even a daily delivery of fresh bread. If you love swimming, there is also a great swimming pool where you can freshen up after long hours of studying.

It’s a well-known fact that your environment can affect your productivity and motivation, and college years do demand a lot of both. This is why you should choose your accommodation wisely, and make sure that you have everything you might need. So, if you’re looking for the best – and you’re planning on studying in one of the mentioned places – consider these accommodation options, and your college years will definitely be some of your best.

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