There Is No Such Thing as the Concept of a Shared Girlhood

The idea that all women share the understanding of what girlhood was is absolute rubbish designed to be transmisic.

Content note for discussions of transmisia.

One of the biggest myths being pushed right now is the idea of ‘shared girlhood’. It is this arbitrary concept which is being used to try to say that trans women can never be women because they were never girls. There’s no other word for this theory other than ‘bullshit’.

So many of the people who push the idea of shared girlhood are exactly the same – white. It is inherently based upon whiteness and therefore is racist, ignoring the experiences of girls of colour. It is based upon myths of what constitutes being a ‘girl’ when everyone’s experience of this is completely different.

Some girls were tomboys, some were completely feminine, some were black, some were brown, some were white, some were bi, some were ace, some girls grew up disabled, some were intersex and some girls may have had a penis and some women still do have a penis.

Feminism spent the best part of the twentieth century arguing that women should not be reduced to their biology. That has completely changed and now some feminists are seeking to draw a territorial line around themselves based on biology. Some even call for genital checks for women to be able to enter certain spaces.

“Feminism spent the best part of the twentieth century arguing that women should not be reduced to their biology”

There is no such thing as shared girlhood when the experience of being a girl is so wide and so diverse. Some girls were falsely misgendered as boys. Their stories and experiences matter.

People who try to limit ‘girlhood’ or ‘womanhood’ are simply trying to make sure that they’re the ones who determine who get to call themselves girls and women. It is nothing more than gatekeeping. Often exclusive of women of colour, and always as a way to shut out trans women. The experiences of girls and women can never be reduced to one thing. If people really supported women and girls then they would respect and celebrate our diversity.

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