If Your Jokes Against Trump are Rooted in Ableism and Queermisia then You Aren’t Progressive

Trump just keeps bringing out the best in people…

Donald Trump is the man the world can’t stop talking about – and for good reason as a bigot, and alleged rapist now occupies the White House. He’s someone that should face people screaming at him every single day. He should face resistance and mocking and obstruction. That doesn’t mean we should be bigoted in return though.

Trump is so unbearable it seems that no jokes are off limits, but the jokes often reveal just why nobody likes the centre or trusts even the best intentions of the left. Because the jokes are often queermisic. Jokes about Trump in bed with Putin achieve nothing, but they make queer people feel unwelcome. Fat jokes about Trump again achieve nothing, but they tell plus sized people that they aren’t safe in spaces protesting Trump. Ableist jokes and speculation about Trump’s intelligence don’t actually achieve anything. They simply reveal that there is an ableist elitism in left spaces, where only academics and neurotypical folx are given platforms.

The tone we set in our criticisms of Trump matter. It shows what we want the resistance to be, what we want the future after Trump and after May to look like. By making bigoted comments, we say that we don’t really want change. We just want to tear Trump down at the cost of marginalised people – the same old politics we’ve always had then.

“The tone we set in our criticisms of Trump matter”

Trump is a diabolical human being and a disaster as President of the United States, but as malevolent as he is, that is not an excuse to in turn be bigoted or shaming of other people. “Because it’s Trump” isn’t a good enough reason or excuse. This should not be a moment just defined about getting rid of Trump but about building the society we want. All these jokes say is that queer people, fat people and disabled people aren’t worthy of your concern.

If you want to be funny about Trump then make good jokes. Being bigoted isn’t a laugh, it’s a trash move at the expense of groups who are often targeted by Trump’s policies. The next time you want to crack a joke about Trump, wait a moment and consider if it’s actually doing anything other than harming the people you claim to care about.

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