I Blew My Wages on a 65 Inch TV and Regretted Nothing – And Then It Broke

Just when I thought I’d have a laugh at capitalism, it punched me right back in the face.

Why save for a future, I thought. I blew several months worth of wages to be able to get a gigantic TV. Fuck capitalism. Fuck responsibilities. I was going to damn well enjoy myself. But nobody can have fun under capitalism.

My middle finger up at low income life was soon chopped off in retaliation. The TV I now prized and wanted to be a part of my identity more than my ginger hair or my queerness turned out to be useless. It broke. Capitalism dragged me right back into its hell.

Everything was grand and worked perfectly, except for the TV screen which turned black and wouldn’t show any pictures which is kind of a fundamental part of a television. To add insult to financial injury though, I then had to navigate the hell that is trying to claim back money and respect from the capitalist corporations which love you, just so long as you’re actually giving them money.

“Capitalist corporations love you, just so long as you’re actually giving them money”

It was over a month later and onto the third TV that any kind of resolution happened. It took over a month to get a deal for a new TV and for them to take the old one, only the new one had the same problem. So I upgraded at a good deal. But it took weeks to get there and various mistakes along the way – such as the installation team ignoring syncing the sound-bar, a team turning up to take the old TV only they forgot the box and had to leave, and the ‘Know How’ team taking the new box in the first place and the weight for the old TV as well as taking the weight to the new TV which meant Curries had to have their TV on the floor so that the new TV could have a weight to stand against.

In fairness to Curries, while the team they used to deliver and pick up was incompetent (but hey, with not enough training and low wages then what do they expect?) they did try to be helpful, which is more than Sony was. Sony were completely uninterested with the fault of their TV. It took three conversations for them to believe there was a fault as they wrongly listed it as an issue with Netflix and unhelpfully suggested I just not try to watch certain shows. They then offered compensation and a new TV only to suddenly go quiet and suggest going back to Curries. They didn’t give a shit about customer service. They just wanted us to go away. They held everything up for weeks.

Do I regret blowing my wages? Not really. It’s still a massive fucking TV. But what I do hate is capitalism. The organisations that just don’t give a shit after the deal is done, the staff on shit wages who are trying their best but they have a week’s worth of bookings to carry out in a day, and the absolute faff of trying to claim money back or a working product that you have every right to. The truth is capitalist corporations are the blood-sucking leeches. They’ll hang on until they’ve had their fill and then they move onto the next customer.

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