This is Climate Disruption

Climate change sounds far too passive for what we are really doing to the planet.

If we don’t take action, we are fucked. This might not be the opening to an article that has ever been written before but it is vital we finally acknowledge this truth.

This summer has witnessed almost entirely endless twaddle from different weather people about the glorious sunshine or the catastrophes with different fires. They have largely failed in their duties to public service. This has been a summer where everything has burned. This isn’t just hot weather in Britain, this is global and in some places, utterly disastrous. It is not an anomaly. Climate change causes extreme weather patterns. This disaster will keep happening and it will get worse.

“This disaster will keep happening and it will get worse”

Perhaps ‘climate change’ needs a rebranding exercise. It sounds too passive. It makes people think this is just some thing that is gradually happening, if at all (thanks to the BBC’s insistence on giving platforms to climate change deniers). We need to hammer home the message.

This is not climate change. This is climate disruption. Human activity is making the climate get worse, and it is our choice, It is the choice of capitalists, consumers but mostly corporations who see this world only as a resource to make vast profits. That’s why drilling is still happening, it’s why companies are turning to fracking, it’s why companies are still emitting pollution and why our seas are warming and the artic keeps melting.

It is our responsibility to try to change its course. Otherwise, it will be a disaster for the planet and its inhabitants (including hams). We are already beginning to suffer the consequences and the poorest communities will be hit hardest. This was our choice and now, we must choose whether to do something about it. We cannot escape the reality of what is happening any longer. The climate is changing and it is down to us.

3 thoughts on “This is Climate Disruption

  1. Oops . .. sent too soon. The complete thought is that Paul Beckworth and other credible climate scientists have been calling it Climate Catastrophe for the past year. That’s what it is . .. not what it will be in the future , but currently , already .


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