TERFs Should Be Treated like Any Other Hate Group

They encourage transmisia. They are a danger to trans people. Their hatred must be banned.

We have legislation against hate crimes in this country but it rarely does enough. Hate crimes are rising, and we have a growing climate of animosity towards marginalised people. One group getting some of the worst hate is trans people.

More action has to be taken. A handful of MPs speaking out isn’t enough, especially when the majority stay silent. TERFs (trans exclusionary radical feminists) are one of the most vocal hate groups around, except by law they aren’t labelled as such. There are laws out-lawing certain political groups in this country. However, TERFs don’t subscribe to a particular membership (although they are certainly attracted to organisations such as A Woman’s Place and The Women’s Equality Party). This makes it difficult to ban them, yet they should be treated the same way as anyone who identifies as a neo-Nazi should be.

TERFs aren’t arguing about politics or biology. They are arguing for the eradication of trans people, and for trans people to be targeted and pushed out of society. They are arguing and campaigning for trans people to be denied access to vital services and resources, due solely to their gender. This is an act of hate.

“They are arguing for the eradication of trans people”

They have disrupted Pride marches, swung a trans woman around in a headlock, harassed trans women daily online and continue to spread hatred wherever they can. They use Mumsnet to arrange these hate campaigns where members have talked about denying support to trans children and teaching them hateful messages. Mumsnet is a hate forum as much as 4chan – and there should be action taken to shut it down or for criminal proceedings to take place against users who continue to stir up hatred.

Action against TERFs must be taken on a legislative, criminal and organisational level. They should not and must not be allowed to act in hate without consequence. Silence is complicity.

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