The UK is just as Right Wing as America

Get snobbish at Trump if you want, but that presumes the UK is doing any better.

The UK is in a political crisis right now, not that anyone outside might realise this. While Labour is being shown to be the erratic political force it currently is, there is almost no attention on the fact that the UK is currently being gripped by right wing fervour.

This has been a long process that stems back even further than the days when it was debated whether the BNP should be allowed on Question Time. Decades of focus on migration, making the EU a scapegoat and giving platforms to Nazis have allowed British society to slip ever deeper into racism and xenophobia. Let’s be clear: the UK has always been a racist and xenophobic state (indeed, it’s how as a nation we built our wealth and power) but in recent years it has become even worse.

“The UK has always been a racist and xenophobic state”

It has been revealed that high profile politicians, including Boris Johnson, are in contact with the alt-right (this means fascist) leader Steve Bannon. Bannon was largely responsible for building up Trump’s popularity and he also ran ‘Breitbart’, the fake news website which has pushed countless lies and hate-filled stories about queer people, Muslim people, migrants and has even engaged in anti-Semitism. This can’t be brushed off as “Boris being Boris” when he’s in contact with a racist (Bannon even embraces being called a racist), particularly when Johnson himself has just made offensive remarks about the burqa. It isn’t a coincidence.

The Tories are in bed with one of the most queermisic parties in the UK. We have politicians in contact with fascists. This isn’t just about the establishment either – hate crimes against queer people and Muslim people are soaring. We have an inherently bigoted society which currently feels so empowered that people are more confident committing hate crimes.

The UK can’t be snobbish at Trump when we are just as bad. We arguably emboldened America by voting for Brexit, and we’ve voted for Tories consistently since 2010. We’re getting more right wing and there is little to suggest we’re actually close to coming out of the other side of this tunnel.

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