Dropping Solidarity as Soon as You Earn Money is the Worst Take

Socialism isn’t just for when you personally are struggling.

Just occasionally, someone will suddenly find that they’re in a new job and getting a good wage and then declare that it’s made them realise that socialism is bad actually. It is, without doubt, the most infuriating take.

Socialism – or in general left wing ideologies – believe that your ability of work shouldn’t define that you are rich in poor. Actually, that nobody should ever have to live in poverty. Poverty is a human construct, and a particularly cruel one. Society decides who is poor, and who is comfortable in a world where we have more than enough resources to ensure that even with our massive population everyone can live free from poverty.

“Society decides who is poor”

Solidarity and a commitment to empowerment are the only things that can help fundamentally change the way society is organised. It is why it is particularly pernicious when somebody, who now isn’t personally struggling, wants to pull up the ladder they just used to get ahead.

Here’s the thing: yes, you may have struggled before but that doesn’t mean anyone else should have to. It didn’t give you character (clearly), it’s just something society forces people to go through and most never get out of it and on to something better. This take ignores the lack of opportunities for certain marginalised groups but it also completely throws disabled people under the bus. That we have a society that prioritises people by how productive they are, and assigned special values on that work, is inherently ableist and why so many disabled people are trapped in poverty and even face their benefits being cut. But, yes, please, tell us how work makes everything all better and people just need to try harder.

Socialism isn’t just for when you need it. Politics should always be based on the best for all people, and about empowerment, not your personal whims because you’re salty that if you had to struggle to get to where you are now then everyone else should have to. Grow up.


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