Louis CK Has Not Served Any Time

He has not faced any consequences for his action, and the idea he has served any time is an insult.

It didn’t take long at all for the #MeToo narrative to be hijacked by people trying to spin abusers as victims. The latest round of nonsense is thanks to the comedic return of Louis CK who has admitted to sexual misconduct. Louis CK exposed himself, and each act alone in the US is enough to be charged and face jail time. Louis CK, by contrast, has had a few months off from the limelight.

So much of the conversation around #MeToo has been dominated by concern for those accused of abuse rather than for the victims and survivors of abuse. Just look at how much money Alex Salmond has been able to crowdfund since being accused of sexual misconduct. Since CK’s return to comedy, there have been endless tweets saying that he has “served his time” and now we should move on. This is ludicrous.

CK hasn’t served a single day. He stepped away from the limelight through his own choice and then came back when he wanted to. To make it worse, his appearance was a surprise for the audience – an audience who could have had sexual assault survivors amongst it. How must they have felt?

“CK hasn’t served a single day.”

The idea of #MeToo being a witch-hunt is laughable given that witch-hunts were actually about targeting women, and two, men are not at all being held to account or made to face any consequences after even admitting to sexual misconduct. There’s even the bullshit defence that he needs to feed and support his family. He’s a millionaire.

Nothing of substance has come yet from #MeToo. The men in Hollywood being accused of sexual assault are largely going about their jobs, except for Weinstein who now has so many allegations against him that they would almost be impossible to list at this point. But that’s the infuriating part. Is it only Weinstein who should face consequences, and why? CK has admitted to sexual misconduct but he’s free now to do whatever he likes? This is nowhere near enough and right now, the message of society is that one can even openly admit to sexual misconduct and not have to worry about a thing. That’s hardly a culture of empowerment or even safety that we are creating.


One thought on “Louis CK Has Not Served Any Time

  1. I’m not supporting that movement because it appears to have been entirely taken over by rich White women and does not seem to be benefiting the working class WoC who started it. And really, the White women aren’t having any success either, if Louis C K’s situation is anything to go by.

    But CK showing up to humor at an audience without their consent isn’t any different from the kind of sexual assault behavior he is accused of. A captive audience who wasn’t interested in anything he wanted to show them.


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