Of Course James Bond Can Be Black, He’s Fictional!

The discussion has opened up again, and it seems plenty of people still can’t accept a black Bond.

The rumours of Idris Elba being cast as the next James Bond have been circulating for years now, but recently the discussion was brought back up again. Bond producer Barbara Broccoli has said she’d be open to a Bond of different ethnicity. Following this, Elba himself posted a few teasers on his social media profiles. But, while the majority of people seem excited about the prospect, his skin colour continues to lead the discussion.

If anyone has seen Luther, they’d know that Idris Elba could play a fantastic Bond. He’d keep the suave, slick, arrogant personality while adding his own ‘rough around the edges’ take to to the role. Every actor brings a different aspect to Bond, and Elba seems a very logical choice, irrelevant of his skin colour.

However, some still believe that’s exactly why he SHOULDN’T be Bond. Katie Hopkins (unsurprisingly) being one of these. She’s tweeted multiple times showing her distaste towards Elba playing the part, and has made it very clear that as far as she’s concerned, James Bond isn’t black. Unfortunately, her opinions aren’t only hers, they echo many people’s.

White men have played the parts of native Americans. Straight men have played the parts of gay men. Cis men have played the parts of trans women. None of this is right, they’ve taken roles away from actors that deserve them more. These are actors that struggle to get into the industry as it is. They are very rarely offered roles anyway, never mind roles that are essentially their lived experience. There is still a serious lack of black representation in HollywoodIn 2016, 77% of characters in top-grossing films were white.

There is still a serious lack of black representation in Hollywood.

This is a fictional role. It’s not based on truth, and it doesn’t need to be. The stories are unrelatable, unrealistic, and made for entertainment. The colour of Bond’s skin is simply irrelevant. There’s no reason not to have a black lead, in fact, Black Panther proved there is a serious want and need for more diversity in the film industry. So, why is Hollywood so opposed to it?



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