A Second Brexit Vote Is Pointless

Really, why should we bother?

Since the referendum, there has been a push to have a re-vote. It’s believed that the UK has now seen how disastrous Brexit is, particularly given that the Government has spent so much time and resources on preparing for a no deal scenario. This has been taken by some to show that Brexit is unworkable and therefore there must be a second vote.

They are probably right. Everything points to the fact that Brexit is going to be an utter disaster. This is still not grounds for a re-vote.

The idea that we should follow the polls is frankly insipid given that if the polls had ever been followed to the end then we would not have this situation in the first place. Fundamentally, a lot of Leave voters knew that Brexit was always going to be a disaster. They wanted to set their house on fire though even if they got caught up in the flames too just for the possibility of choking all the marginalised people they don’t like on the smoke.

Remain have failed to address any of the core issues that drove people to vote for Leave. They have not tackled the rise of white supremacy. Their calls for freedom of movement and defence of European migrants when the rest of Europe is in the grip of a migrant crisis and the UK had the Windrush scandal looks simply like they only care about the good/bad migrant rhetoric and only for white European migrants. They have failed to acknowledge how austerity has pushed communities to the brink, preferring a “we all need to work together” rhetoric which isolates disabled and working class activists especially, who do believe in Remain but will never turn out for that campaign because Remain have never shown any solidarity. Communities decimated by austerity may be punching up at the wrong rulers but it was a chance to punch up and they weren’t going to miss it. Remain just do not understand that.

“Remain have failed to address any of the core issues that drove people to vote for Leave”

Remain might scrape a win but the chances are they’d fail again and there would be no way back at all from a second vote. The hubris of Remain is ultimately what has doomed it to failure, because it so utterly refuses to listen to the people it’s trying to yell at. I don’t mean the racists. I mean people of colour, migrants, disabled people, working class people. They have not shown solidarity. They have not consistently stood up against rising hate. They have not made a platform based upon trust.

A second vote is pointless, even if Remain could win, we would still all lose because it’s still a tone where it’s apparently okay for Bannon to be in contact with our government and where hate crimes are through the roof. A new vote would change nothing. Stopping Brexit isn’t enough. We need to overhaul the hate embedded in British society.


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