Big Brother, The Way It Should Be

It may well be the last series, but the REAL Big Brother is back.

It was revealed on launch day of the current Big Brother series that Channel 5 have decided this will be the final one. That’s not to say another channel won’t buy it, just like Channel 5 did after it was axed by Channel 4, but there’s no certainty so this could very well be the last one.

It’s a legendary programme purely for the simplicity of it. Shove a load of random people in a house for a couple of months. See contestants clash, bicker and fight. Watch other contestants fall in love (or rather engage in a showmance). As viewers, we’ve been introduced to some awesome people, some villains, and some people we never have, and never will understand. But the last 18 years have been a whirlwind.

This final civilian Big Brother follows a very turbulent Celebrity Big Brother. Natalie Nunn came in with all guns blazing, but surprisingly was the first to be kicked out. Rodrigo Alves was given a formal warning on his first night in the house after using the N-word twice. He was then kicked out after reportedly being ‘inappropriate’ toward a fellow housemate. Roxanne Pallett also famously left the house after falsely accusing Ryan Thomas of abuse.

It was a dramatic season, but not in the way Big Brother used to be. Remember Nasty Nick and his secret messages? That’s what you call entertaining drama.

“Remember Nasty Nick and his secret messages? That’s what you call entertaining drama.”

Over the years, the show has been bombarded with complaints of civilian Big Brother being made up of low-level reality stars and models. It became more about popping abs than it did about the social experiment and game show elements.

This season however, has taken the show back to basics. A group of ordinary strangers living together in a house jam-packed with cameras, being made to take part in the silliest, most humiliating tasks. It’s back to the way it used to be, with arguments blowing up within the first week, romance happening within the first night, and conversations making you laugh and cry.

We have to remember there was a serious issue with contestant Ellis. Racist tweets were found on her social media accounts, and therefore she was kicked out after only one night in the house. It’s hard to believe the production team hadn’t already conducted research into the shortlisted candidates and their social media presence, so whether they knew or not when deciding to put her in the house, we don’t know. It’s also strange that she was kicked out due to racist tweets from years ago, while Rodrigo was allowed to stay after using the N-word twice during the first night. Very hypocritical.

But, if this really is the final Big Brother, so far it’s seeming like a bloody great one to end on. If only they did this for every series, perhaps it would’ve never been axed.


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