Stop Comparing Brexit to Self-Harm

Remain just can’t apply any sensitivity.

Content note: this article contains discussion of self-harm.

Remain don’t even get to be anyone’s problematic faves. They are just problematic. If it’s not awful cartoons about queer journalists or black women, it’s refusing to condemn austerity. Remain is the biggest embarrassment to politics we’ve seen since, well Leave won. The latest absolute disgrace is the continued insistence of comparing Brexit to an act of self-harm.

Caroline Lucas isn’t always the most credible politician even if she is the most credible Green. Her feminism only extends to women she approves of, as seen by her backing the No More Page 3 campaign and now wanting to engage in dialogue with The Woman’s Place, a group whose purpose is to simply oppose the right of trans women to exist. Now Lucas has engaged in utterly shambolic rhetoric as Remainers continue to be as self-serving as ever. I say this as someone who voted Remain and thinks leaving the EU is a disaster.

Lucas is far from the only person who has made this comparison. It’s quite a popular saying within Remain. It’s also utterly disgusting. It belittles mental health struggles, erases what it means to have to live with invasive thoughts about self-harming and actually is nothing like having to deal with a mental health issue. The country voted for this. Yes, it will be a fuck up but just say that without trashing mentally ill people. It’s even more deplorable when so many Remainers don’t oppose austerity – the reason why so many mental health services have been cut.

Remainers utterly shambolic rhetoric is symbolic of their wider problem. They cannot possibly hope to be intersectional. They do not care about uniting communities. If Remain appealed to working class voters, people of colour, disabled people, queer people, women, young people it would win easily. But it doesn’t want to do this because it’s too caught up in its own bullshit, centrism and trying not to rock the political boat too much. Remain does not understand what is going on in this country and that’s why he lost and hasn’t managed to come close to stopping Brexit. Remain as a group are a disgrace, and the fightback against Leaving deserves better than what they are offering.


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