There’s No Point in a No Deal Brexit Vote

Why even bother?

Another Labour conference and a lot more waffle on Brexit. Labour can’t seem to sort out their position on Brexit and it is understandable when so many of their constituencies were so proudly Leave. However, at times, Labour have crept into the realms of the absurd not least when it seems that any referendum would be open, then it would only be a possibility if there wasn’t a choice to ‘remain’, and then there could be a  vote which would include remain. Confused? It’s okay. There is probably little need to keep up until the time actually comes for Labour to do something.

Labour can’t really do much about Brexit right now anyway. They aren’t the ones in Government and they aren’t the ones negotiating. However, they do help set the tone of the opposition to the Government’s Brexit – an opposition which has looked incredibly timid.

If there is to be another referendum, it cannot possibly be a deal or no deal vote. There is just no point. A no deal would absolutely be catastrophic for Britain – no matter how bad the EU deal is we do finally get. No deal would mean crashing out without any trade deals in place, which would then make seeking deals with other nations incredibly difficult. We’d be so weak and desperate for trade we would have no position to negotiate.

“We’d be so weak and desperate for trade we would have no position to negotiate”

Referendums are also expensive and time consuming. We can’t just whip them out unless there is an actual point to a vote. That was clear with the issue of leave, independence; and same-gender marriage and abortion in Ireland. We can’t have another vote without a clear set of choices. A deal or no deal choice would simply be an act of self-indulgence from politicians who care more about political point scoring than making sure Britain doesn’t sink once we leave the EU.

Of all of the nonsense that has been spouted since Brexit started, a deal or no deal vote is the worst. It is irresponsible, juvenile and serves no purpose. How fitting given how Brexit is turning out.


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