If Remain Are Our Only Hope We Are Screwed

I support Remain and know Brexit is car crash, but I look at Remainers and they make me sick to my stomach.

I’m politically engaged – perhaps more than I should be given my burnout rate. I don’t get to go to protests or marches as often as I would like due to chronic pain, but then, marching is only ever one form of political engagement anyway. But even when I’m well, I’m confident in saying I will never attend a Remain event despite thinking Brexit will be a complete disaster.

Before the FBPE bores start (and seriously, I’ve been told at least 5 times what FBPE stands for and yet can’t even be bothered to remember it for more than a minute), I am not secretly a Brexiteer, I do not support Corbyn, nor am I secretly 80 and about to die or lacking in an education. I support justice for all marginalised people. I think political systems are all basically useless because humans have proven time and again that we are just very bad and very selfish. I also think that a big part of the mess we are in now is because of Remain.

I watch the Remain marches and I feel completely nauseous and yet, curiously bored too. Perhaps they are the best bet with which to change things but they do not inspire me. It’s just a load of white middle class bores who have hijacked a conversation because they are pissed at losing freedom of movement. They are not the people who will suffer most. They are the same old voices who got us into this mess.

“I watch the Remain marches and I feel completely nauseous and yet, curiously bored too”

Remain can be best summed up by the fact that their great endorser, Nick Clegg, took a job with Facebook before their huge march. This is a crowd for neoliberals to hijack because they are worried about the economy, big business, and their holidays. They are not talking about the disabled people dying now and how it might be even worse under Brexit. They are not protesting the horrific treatment at immigration detention centres in the UK, and saying how Brexit could also make it worse. They are pissed that their middle class kids won’t be able to get an internship in Brussels now. And this is why Remain lost.

They are not representative of ‘the people’. No matter how much they try to utilise left wing language for their own ends, they are largely middle class people. They are talking in abstract terms, and ignoring the fact that huge numbers of the UK are struggling right now. Their message is: the UK will suffer under Brexit. This message falls flat when people are struggling to get through each day right now. They make the UK sound good or progressive – and indeed, they probably think it is when almost none of them ever turn out for protests against cuts to welfare.

The language of Remain suggests just how exclusive a club it is. Ableist slurs are common, such as “cr*zy”, and Brexit is routinely compared to an act of self-harm. The lack of awareness of Remain isn’t about politically correct. It emphasises just how removed from reality these people are. They have no idea of the significance of acts of self-harm so they use the language in a ridiculous way. They have no understanding of left wing language but they still steal it and call a second referendum a “people’s vote” as though dogs and cats voted in the last one. Or, perhaps, they’ve accidentally stumbled onto an uncomfortable truth: that UK voting is exclusive and has huge barriers and so are rarely ever truly democratic. But it’s doubtful, because that would require some awareness which Remain sorely lack.

Their most recent push has been that a lot of people who voted Leave will die soon and so there should be another vote. It’s an utterly ghastly campaign tactic. Two in every ten pensioners are living in poverty. We have a crumbling social care system and many older people face a miserable end to their life, largely because of the UK’s policies. A lot of people voted Leave because they were angry at the UK and wanted to send a message. I don’t agree with that message. I don’t agree with their tactics. And I don’t agree with the racism that was undoubtedly behind the Leave push. But campaigning on the basis that some people will be dead soon is utterly disgusting, particularly when those voters are already struggling.

The underlying issue with Remain too is that they are pointless. There is absolutely nothing to suggest that Remain would win. A second vote and a second defeat would just solidify that we would leave, and probably with an even worse deal. If they want to commit to anything then commit to reversing Brexit and reforming the EU. As it stands, they are just toffs without a cause.

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