Halloween is overrated

When you’re a kid,  you eat sweets. When you’re an adult, you get hammered. Only difference is you’re doing it in a costume you spent £100 on.

Strong words, I know but please, hear me out. When I was a kid, I only went trick or treating once with my friends and a couple of their parents. My mum didn’t like it. She said it can scare elderly people living on their own. She also didn’t like the idea they had to give kids sweets, without so much as a “thank you” from the children. I get it, and she wasn’t the only parent that had these opinions, but seeing all the other kids getting to dress up and receive lots of free sweets obviously made me a little bitter. It’s safe to say I didn’t get the best introduction to Halloween when I was younger.

Halloween then became pointless during my teenage years. I may have gone round to my friends, put some fake blood on my lip and pretended to get drunk off one bottle of WKD but that’s about as spooky as it got.

When I reached university, I suddenly saw the fun of this holiday. Spending weeks, maybe even months, planning a perfect outfit. Then spending the whole day getting ready, perfecting my make-up while drinking out of a ghoulish cup I bought from Poundland, before going out and getting hammered, dancing to Halloween-y songs. They were some of the best nights out.

But then I left university, I moved back home and became a little more settled. I got a full-time job and suddenly those big Halloween nights out became a little less appealing. But here’s the big stinger: if you aren’t dressing up and getting hammered in an over-crowded club, what actually are you doing?

“If you aren’t dressing up and getting hammered in an over-crowded club, what actually are you doing?”

Sure, there’s always a scary film out in the cinema to see but you can watch a horror film any time of the year. Some places organise cool ghost tours, and of course you can go to a pumpkin farm and pick the perfect pumpkin to carve. But essentially, unless you’re drunk as a skunk in a bar with the coolest contacts in your eyes that you can’t see shit through, there really isn’t that much to get excited about.

It’s not that I don’t love the idea of Halloween, nor do I dislike getting drunk – in fact I enjoy it a lot – but it feels like we’ve lost our imagination. It’s a holiday that celebrates all things dark, gothic, spooky, and there’s no other holiday like it. So why don’t we embrace it more? Why don’t we get creative? Let’s not waste an awesome holiday by making alcohol and Instagram pictures of our outfits the only enjoyable parts, but in fact let’s embrace it. Let’s get spooky, let’s get scary, let’s enjoy the dark side of Halloween, the REAL dark.

Ghost tours, haunted houses, spooky fun fairs. That’s the shit we need more of. We shouldn’t have to travel all the way to Salem in the U.S just to understand the essence of Halloween. I even see my black cat yawning when she hears the word ‘Halloween’ these days, and she’s basically the mascot.

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