Everything right now is a bit pointless

There’s really not much point checking in with new policies until Brexit happens

If the budget hasn’t been ripped apart by the end of the week then usually it means that it has actually become a success. That would be easy to believe too when there seemed to be a minor split in Labour about whether to vote against or for the Tories new tax plans. Yet, that was barely worth giving any attention to, unlike a lot of the other Labour rows in the last couple of years.

The budget was not really a success (and nor was it a total failure) because it is almost completely pointless. It was going along with procedure for the sake of it. The Tories have overseen some of the cruelest cuts this country has ever gone through which has left those most vulnerable worse off. Disabled people in particular have increasingly struggled under Tory rule. Budget day then is usually a contentious one where the Tories firmly come under the spotlight, but not this time.

“The budget was not really a success (and nor was it a total failure) because it is almost completely pointless”

There was barely a shrug raised at the majority of the content, because barely any of it might actually be delivered. We’re nearing ever closer to Brexit and that is what will really influence our economy. Until then, all bets are off. If there’s a good deal, a weak deal, a terrible deal, or no deal; each scenario will drastically alter Britain’s course. These budget plans may not even get a chance to get going until we know what the deal (no pun intended) with Brexit is. Of course, there could be yet more delays and therefore the budget might become relevant but there is a growing sense that something on Brexit will have to start delivering soon.

We’re in political limbo because Brexit looms ever closer. The UK is in a state of watching and waiting to see what happens, and just how bad it is. It makes everything else in politics look fairly pointless until then, and you get the feeling that MPs are well aware of that too.

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