Trump is picking up where Obama and Bush left off on deportations

To understand the horrific rise of Trump, we must understand the policies which led to such right wing ferocity.

The carnage of Trump is almost too horrific to take. It’s not so much a steady rise to fascism as a rampage. There are still years left to come, and possibly even longer but America is still struggling to grapple with itself and understand just how this happened.

Trump’s emphasis on deportations, using ICE and even deploying the military to the border is not an anomaly for a president. America has undergone a slow and steady journey to get to this point. It did not start with Trump. We are simply now seeing the worst of it under him.

“We are simply now seeing the worst of it under him”

Bush was responsible for two million deportations during his presidency. Obama, seen as more progressive, was even worse. In fact, Obama holds the record for the most deportations and so far estimates suggest on average, daily deportations put Trump behind him. Trump’s tactics and rhetoric are filled with hate. Obama is not innocent though and to see him campaign as the antithesis to Trump shows that Democrats still aren’t sure which way to turn.

Obama was generally good on domestic policy and shocking on anything that involved people who weren’t American citizens. He often got a pass though because he focused upon ‘criminals’. It’s how, even though he was often directly involved in a record number of drone strikes that killed children and resulted in a hospital being blown up, his image as a man of peace in the Western world largely remained intact. However, one needs only to look to Libya or the two and half million people Obama deported to see that image is a false one, and behind it lay policies which pandered to the right of America which was so fearful of “foreign criminals” but couldn’t tackle extremism from Americans.

The Democrats helped create the policies that are being used so brutally now. They helped set the tone for this disgusting Government. This is not just about trying to remove Trump from office. The Democrats have to understand their own complicity to ensure that this can never happen again. So far, little they have said has suggested any such accountability.


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