Black Friday is a Sham

Need a TV? Wait until November for Black Friday. Need a new laptop? Wait until November for Black Friday. Need a jumper? Wait until November… You get the picture.

Black Friday came to the UK a few years back from America. It’s essentially a day when you get a cheap TV, a cheap microwave, a cheap laptop and so on. But every year it seems like more and more companies are joining in the fun. Whether it’s ASOS putting a week-long sale on, or Ryan Air offering cheap as chips flights.

However, what seems like a week to get some great deals, is actually starting to look like a chance for companies to profit off the shit they can’t sell.

Black Friday has had its’ share of controversy. When it started in the UK in 2013, Asda customers trampled over one another to get a half-price TV or a hover with 40% off. It was so brutal in fact, that it made headlines, and by 2014, some people were too scared to go shopping on Black Friday in case they get wrestled for a toaster.

Thankfully, the shops (including Asda) that decided to give Black Friday a go in 2014 managed to keep everything a little calmer. There were even photo’s of people queuing outside supermarkets and being offered free mince pies – how very British of us.

But now the violence has calmed down, literally any company that sells anything is jumping on board. This well-known discount day was once just for electronics, but it’s become a day for retail giants to get rid of the shit they can’t sell while still getting some money back.

“It’s become a day for retail giants to get rid of the shit they can’t sell”

Our mail boxes fill up all week with promotional emails telling us “not to miss out on this amazing deal (for these trainers you don’t want, would never want, and no one else wants)”. Or that we “only have a limited time to snap up this offer (on this crate of new beers no one will buy)”.

There really are some cracking deals during the Black Friday discount week. Plenty of people wait until November to buy a new iron or washing machine, and it makes sense. But the more emails we get pushing crap we don’t want, the more desensitised we’ll become to these offers. The less we’ll care about these “incredible” deals.

So please, stop using Black Friday to sell your crappy products to us. Stop jumping on the bandwagon just to fill up our mailboxes with junk. Damn, the least you can do is offer us a decent deal.

One thought on “Black Friday is a Sham

  1. I’m in the US and my family has never participated in any Black Friday event, although this year I’m going to take advantage of it to buy expensive showy yarns I normally wouldn’t be able to afford.
    My problem isn’t so much Black Friday, as it is Black Friday Creep. Like Xmas Creep, it keeps happening earlier and earlier every year. Now, the retail stores start pushing the idea right after Halloween, on the first of the month. I find that more irksome than anything else going on.


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