The true failure of Corbyn on the EU

It’s got nothing to do with how he votes.

Brexit has been a shambles from start to wherever the hell we are at now. We would be a laughing stock if we were not so pitiable. While the Tories tear themselves apart, Labour have struggled to really make any gains with the Brexit argument – which is kind of ludicrous from the opposition given that the goal has been open for two years now.

But the UK generally has still struggled to fully understand just how Brexit happened, and Labour are more keen on pursuing a path where they stay quiet and then pipe up as backseat drivers when the Tories are at their most vulnerable – either when May resigns or there’s a vote of no confidence (if either of those things happen, and they are certainly not guaranteed). And that just about sums up the problems with Brexit. Last week in PMQs, May did manage to somehow make one good point: Labour are playing party politics and they don’t look as though they are acting in the national interest when it comes to Brexit. This is true, but it isn’t because of how Corbyn votes or if he even supports Brexit.

Labour’s and especially Corbyn’s failure has been to remain silent on the question of Russia. There is mounting evidence of Russia and Leave. EU’s connections. It’s even become a feature of the Mueller investigation in the US to see if Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election. To put it simply: the US is doing more to investigate the strength of our own democracy than we are. We have done nothing.

“Labour’s and especially Corbyn’s failure has been to remain silent on the question of Russia”

Our democracy could well have been undermined, and that seems particularly pertinent given what happened in Salisbury. Yet, Labour are anything but coherent on Russia. It’s truly baffling when surely the opposition would want to examine whether our democracy had been undermined under the Tories? And if Corbyn cares so much about tackling classism then surely he should be fighting to uncover whether Russian billionaires have been having an influence in our democratic processes?

The false old saying is that the left are bad on security because they never want to stand up to people. Generally, the left have just been more cautious about bombing places which is a good thing. That being said, Corbyn can’t be considered a strong leader – particularly for an opposition leader – if he doesn’t care if our democracy is being undermined. This has been Labour’s greatest failure. While they bicker over whether they could be in a customs union and whether there should be a referendum, they’ve missed the most important point: Russia is a growing threat to democracies and under the Tories we have not been guaranteed free and fair elections. Even the Democrats, for all of their failings, managed to push for an investigation into Russia. By comparison, what exactly have our opposition achieved?


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