It’s white people who push identity politics

People who complain about identity politics are the spoilt brats of the world.

Of all the posts that will get trolling, it’s usually one celebrating women’s representation. Take Captain Marvel, the trailer for Battlefield V and who could forget the tears over Black Panther (including the white people across the US who pretended to be attacked by Marvel fans). The fans who respond angrily at the idea of the “PC agenda’ miss the point; they are the ones kicking up a fuss.

Mostly, marginalised people just want to get on in a life that is fair, and see themselves represented in media. If we have to sit through thousands of mediocre stories about abled, allocishet white boys, then why is there an issue if just a few stories are starting to be more diverse?

“It is allocishet white people who are kicking up a fuss”

There often shouldn’t be a bar for what makes a real nerd but this statement is true: you’re not a ‘real’ comics fan if you don’t know about comicsgate. There is a hate campaign going on right now to try marginalised people out of the comics industry and off the pages of comic books. The problem is being caused by white allocishet abled people who are so spoilt and entitled they think every single story should be about them.

Fundamentally, this issue stems from the most intrinsically bigoted idea there is: that certain people are normal, and anyone outside of that is an other trying to take power from ‘normal’ people. This is why casting black people is seen as a political statement but having an entirely white cast is seen as normal. Certain people have been told they are okay, but others are divisive.

The argument about identity politics is disingenuous bigotry dressed up as moral superiority. They want stories to be ‘natural’ and won’t accept the horrific implications of not portraying diverse lives, and only one type of person as acceptable and not confrontational. Some lives are told that they are an issue for simply being, but everyone else is completely okay.

The people who make this an issue are the ones who complain, otherwise it would just be audiences happily going to the cinema or reading new books with people like them. The ones who stir up hate, and try to ‘other’ people, are the ones who make it an issue instead of just allowing progress to take place. It’s white people, abled people, and allocishet people who push identity politics. They’re the only ones who ever even use that term. That’s because they see themselves as having humanity, and everyone else is an abstract concept. They are not the only ones deserving of representation. They’ve had their stories. It’s time for something different.


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