Stand by Mermaids

The charity, dedicated to supporting trans children, has come under attack by transmisics.

Mermaids is a charity dedicated to supporting trans children, and helping cis parents in empowering, accepting and connecting with their trans children. It is a vital charity, and the only one of its kind in the UK, that works to support trans kids. So naturally, bigots have come out to attack it.

The Big Lottery Fund has decided to review its original decision to award a grant to the charity, after the decision drew ire on none other than the hate platform Mumsnet. What used to be a site for middle class mums to whine about the substandard flavours of yoghurt on offer is now a forum where known transmisics communicate and plan hate campaigns against trans people. TERFs have even supported and encouraged child abuse toward trans children.

The thread on Mumsnet which has garnered the most attention about Mermaids was started by the increasingly irrelevant Graham Linehan, the TV writer who was never that good or witty. Linehan now, is probably more known for his obsessive tweets against trans people and trans rights than anything he ever achieved in his career. Linehan has constantly spoken over women (cis and trans) declaring he knows what will keep women safe from the ‘real’ predators we face. Most recently, he was incredibly offensive by making light of Nazism by comparing the white supremacist, murderous ideology to the push for greater trans rights. Nazism saw the murder of millions of Jews, queer people (including trans people), disabled people, intellectuals and many others who faced persecution. Such a comparison was a denial of the reality of the Holocaust, a right-wing tactic and an insult to all marginalised communities.

“Linehan has constantly spoken over women (cis and trans) declaring he knows what will keep women safe from the ‘real’ predators we face”

The Big Lottery Fund should now have bowed to any pressure to review its allocation of funding. The objection to supporting trans kids is abhorrent. It supports blocking kids from getting the access to emotional and psychological support they desperately need to prevent suicide and self-harm, which the majority of trans teens are at risk of when they do not receive support. Mermaids is protecting child safety – anyone objecting to that is supporting the dangerous isolation of trans children. It is vile and unconscionable. But it makes sense from a right wing bullying tactic for who has less power than a child? Who is the easiest person to beat in an argument? Children have long been thrown under the bus by queermisics who hide behind the lie they care about vulnerable children while advocating their support is removed.

Stand by Mermaids, a charity doing the work that too few others are willing to do. Stand with Mermaids and trans kids against an onslaught of hate. Trans children just want to be happy, and be loved – and every child deserves that. Send a message of support, donate if possible and stand against transmisics wherever you see it. The ranting of transmisics doesn’t just cause social media annoyance. They are putting their words into action. For the sake of the kids, we must actually stop it.

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