It’s Over – So, What Now?

The build-up to Christmas is full of expectation and anticipation, so what happens when it’s over?

“Go on a diet”, “exercise!”, “eat all your chocolate”, “drink all your boozy gifts!”, “shop the sales!”. We’re being given different instructions from every direction of what to do once Christmas Day is over. But does any of it actually help us get over the post-Xmas blues?

Dieting and exercising for one, is a whole load of bullshit. We are allowed to eat and drink what the fuck we want over the Christmas period without feeling “guilty”. We are allowed to indulge without following it up with a month of going hard on the treadmill and eating nothing but lettuce. Eat whatever you want, drink whatever you want, and don’t feel like you have to punish yourself after.

It’s OK to drink a lot of booze at this time of year. It’s a time of celebration, and the lucky ones among us get some time off work. But when encouraging drinking, it can sometimes feel like pressure. Those bottles of champagne, gin, whiskey and rum will all be there in a month’s time, don’t feel like you have to get rid of them within a week. This also applies to chocolate. We spend a lot of our days in front of the TV at the end of the year, so chocolate is the perfect companion. But it’s absolutely fine if eating too much in one go makes you feel sick, and you’d rather make it last. It’s not milk, it won’t go out of date in a week.

Shopping the sales can be ridiculously stressful. Remember this should be a time of relaxation, not a time of added anxiety. The shops are full of bargain-hunters that can get aggressive, pushy and generally unpleasant to be around. Don’t forget that you can shop the sales online if your city centre is just too busy for your liking. It’s also totally acceptable to not care about the shopping and go back to watching your films instead.

“Remember this should be a time of relaxation, not a time of added anxiety”

The period between Christmas and New Year is very odd. No one knows what day it is, when they’re going back to work, what their plans are, or whether they’re going out or staying in for NYE. All of this confusion comes while our living rooms are full to the brim with gifts (both wanted and unwanted).

So, we’ve covered all the bases. Eat as much chocolate as you want. Drink as much booze as you like. Don’t feel pressured to diet or exercise. Only shop the sales if you dare. Last of all, embrace the confusion! Life will be back to its ordinary, melancholy self soon, so have some fun while this up-in-the-air joy lasts.

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