A vegan sausage roll? The world is falling apart!

Imagine the horror of waking up one morning and finding out that our beloved Greggs had made a VEGAN sausage roll?!

Yes, that’s correct. Greggs have created a meatless sausage roll for the vegan community. Have they taken the original meaty sausage roll off the menu? No. Are the staff forcing this new pastry-covered turd down people’s throats? No. So hang on, why are people moaning about it?  

It seems the idea of giving a pastry treat option to vegans has turned Twitter on its head. Many people – including Piers Morgan of course – are horrified at the idea of mushed up vegetables wrapped in pastry. In fact, the twat that is Piers Morgan has spent his day riling up and arguing with any vegetarians/vegans, and even meat-eaters that are on their side. Juvenile is a word that instantly springs to mind. 

He begins his argument by tweeting “Nobody was waiting for a vegan bloody sausage, you PC-ravaged clowns.” Well actually, he’s wrong on two counts here. Firstly, most of the vegetarian, vegan and flexitarian communities seem delighted to find out they can now buy a tasty vegan version of the classic Greggs sausage roll. Secondly, I’ll bet good money on Greggs creating this food item because it’ll bring them a shedload of money in, not because they’re trying to be PC. 

“Most of the vegetarian, vegan and flexitarian communities seem delighted to find out they can now buy a tasty vegan version of the classic Greggs sausage roll”

But he’s not the only one that’s been outraged at this absolutely diabolical attempt at offering people with a different diet, a food option. One Twitter user claimed “I’d rather eat my own ear wax”, while another claimed “the worlds fucked !![sic]”. 

Whoever was in charge of the Greggs Twitter page today though, had some sassy and down-right brilliant responses. When replying to the user whose argument was that the world is fucked, Greggs opted for a simple reminder of what’s happened; “It’s a vegan sausage roll Damon”. When asked if the company can ask if it can be called a sausage roll when there’s no meat in it, Greggs went for simplicity once again when answering with “We did.”  

2019 has started with the weather getting colder (again) and a lot of January blues. Pissing off Piers Morgan and his minions is exactly what we needed, so thank you Greggs! But also thank you for creating a delicious new food option for the vegan/vegetarian/flexitarian communities. 

While the arguments were heating up though, one Twitter user decided to take this opportunity to make a suggestion of venturing into the world of gluten-free next, to which Greggs replied: “We’ve put in a word”. To be honest, that’s not a bad idea… 

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