Why are people so threatened by snowflakes?

Few takes are more bland than the older guy whining that young people are too politically correct. Yet, it still never stops them. Chris Rock has lamented just how fragile snowflakes supposedly are. Rock was especially concerned that comedy was facing imminent threat.

Rock represents an ageing identity that is desperately trying to cling to relevancy by claiming that he is edgy and running counter to current culture. He isn’t. Clearly bigotry is winning when Trump and Brexit are happening and the far right is more popular than it has been in decades across Europe and the US. People are more offensive these days. The difference is that ‘snowflakes’ now have more opportunity to speak out against mediocrity.

“People are more offensive these days. The difference is that ‘snowflakes’ now have more opportunity to speak out against mediocrity”

Bigoted older men don’t get a pass anymore. They don’t get cheap and easy laughs. They have to work to be popular and it takes work to be progressive. Snowflakes demand education and accountability. They demand that we make the world a more respectful place where everyone is able to participate, and what’s wrong with that?

The only people who have an issue with snowflakes are the ones who don’t like the fact that marginalised people have more chances than ever to call out bullshit. Mediocre men still dominate every industry in society, but they are under more scrutiny than ever before. Chris Rock isn’t being interesting or controversial. Every conservative and liberal-minded, privileged, threatened guy right now is whining about how snowflakes are attacking them. For people who are supposed to be thick skinned, they all spend a lot of time complaining to the media about those pesky millennials.

Snowflakes are changing the world and demanding better. Everyone in opposition is arguing for complacency and stifling progressive ideas. We need snowflakes. It’s the unmovable rocks who are the problem.

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